20 Nov 2021 17:01:58

How did we look so off the pace? The first sub should have been made at half time, fornals and benrhama were not helping rice and souchek out at all but full team performance was crap, if not for fan in goal it would have been a drumming, zouma and Dawson were very poor, as for Antonio, he needs to quit international duty because he can't do both. Worst they have played this season. Lost their bottle as usual when we have an opportunity to step up the leauge. We are desperate for another striker and maybe another centre back, coufal for me next time out. Disappointed in the performance it's fair to say

1.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 00:09:26
The problems were a few in my opinion. Zouma had a terrible game, whether that was moving to the left in the absence of Ogbonna time will tell. But it just illustrates how valuable a left sided CB is. Johnson has played well but today he was nowhere near that level. Soucek looks off the pace and has for a few weeks. Rice looked spent early, the illness doesn’t look like it did him any favours. He wasn’t his usual self. Fornals just didn’t really do much and looked off his game. Benrahma I just don’t think we can play when a midfield is being as combative like Wolves and outnumbering us with two wing backs as well as three against two in the centre. Antonio didn’t look up for it. All in all wrong tactics and lots of players not playing well. Wolves did well and really bossed midfield. Thought Moyes would have dragged Benrahma at half time and tried Kral or even Lanzini, to get on the ball more. By the time he made the change we were playing catch up.

2.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 03:49:00
Hiya sdl.whats your take on Antonio as if he continues trying to play for jamaica and starting every premier league game ( very light putting it politely in that department) then he will almost certainly get injured as his hamstring just won't stand up to it why not try the young boy we got from celtic OKO-FLEX as he's highly regarded,im not going to criticise DM or the 2 davids but it was very unprofesional to leave the striking department if you can call it that it should say striker dept threadbare is ludicrous and simply not good management and planning so far we've got away with it but my biggest pet hate is trying to put square pegs in round holes i cannot abide to playing players out of position so we will see but i'm not confident it will continue.COYI

3.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 09:21:13
Spot on SDL, I totally agree with what you said. Aswell for me it has to be time to show yarmalenko the door, and the other new lad vlasic or however it’s spelt, he needs to improve when he comes on. It yeah totally agree wolves bossed the midfield

4.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 13:28:50
Haven’t watched the highlights on MOTD and won’t bother, no point watching us play rubbish, different if we lose and play well!
Don’t think Sully will be lobbing out £100k again to get anybody home a day early! ⚒⚒⚒⚒

5.) 24 Nov 2021
24 Nov 2021 14:44:39
Antonio is definitely going to get injured trying to play internationals as well,his hamstrings won't hold up and he will be out and we will be well short up front bowen isn't a striker and i'm glad we started the season off so well.