19 Sep 2021 23:02:25
A good game by the team and shows we are getting better and better. Yes a loss was hard, and with the last minute penalty, probably even harder to take, but that's football. I sat watching with my boys and when we got the penalty my oldest celebrated, I said our problem is we don't have a real taker on the pitch so don't get too excited. I liked Noble coming on to take it, so I would have gotten it wrong too so not having a go at Moyes. Overall happy we pushed and while in the past these were like cup finals and made our day when we won, I am more confident now we just move on and pick up points in other games. (Oh and at least two of the three falls by Ronaldo in the box were clear dives, when does he get booked for them? )

1.) 20 Sep 2021
20 Sep 2021 09:21:16
Just wasnt to be but it just show how far we've come
Not going to could have should have we can hold our heads high and move on
Come on you ⚒.