10 Jan 2021 11:37:39
I wish they would just take a chance and buy Adam Hlozek. The boy may be only 18 but he’s phenomenal. Pace and power and can see a pass. He also draws fouls because of his quick feet and trickery. He’s 6ft 1 and had great heading abilities. If we are looking for a striker for now and for the future, there are none better. Fees of £20m have been muted which would be a snip. I know he’s only in Czech league but he’s scored 17 goals and had 18 assists this season so far. I have seen rumours that we are preparing a bid for. Ismaila Saar from Watford who is a winger.
If this is a car of Moyes trying to convert another winger to a striker, then I think the £30m bid we are lining up is too much of a risk.
Get Hhalzek in and use the £10m left over for investing in another area of the pitch and part of it to give Rice a pay rise to keep him at the club.

1.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 12:39:06
Sounds like a great prospect but he's out injured until March and I'm sure there would be plenty after him in the summer.

Agree Saar seems expensive for someone who mostly plays wide another player with good potential and ridiculous pace.

I can't see sulli spending much probably plead poverty due to C.V. A striker is a must and another midfielder would help massively but I do think we will try make do with soucek and rice. That young caicedo would be a coup.

2.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 14:28:45
Sarr would be a great signing.

3.) 11 Jan 2021
11 Jan 2021 05:20:58
Second that sarr is one of the quickest players I've seen for a very long time.

4.) 11 Jan 2021
11 Jan 2021 12:47:38
Sarr. Hmm. quick? For sure. Good enough? Nahh. £30m would get us a player with more similarities to Adama Trore than Mohamed Salah and that's not a good thing.

Why would we sign ANOTHER winger who's an occasional CF when we can buy a genuine CF? We don't need a winger, especially a right sided one.

Besides we're not paying £30M for anyone this window. This story is a Sun special so I'm smelling bulldust.

5.) 11 Jan 2021
11 Jan 2021 17:24:50
Adam Hlozek is a fantastic talent, BUT could he suffer the same issues we had with Haller? I just don't think he looks like that lone striker who runs the channels etc with pace. He is certainly more attributed to that role than Haller was, but i'm not sure it is his main style of play.
I may be wrong, as I definately do not watch the Czech leaugue. Anybody know if he is that type of player and would work in the Moyes system as a lone striker?
Not sure where 17 goals and 18 assists so far this season is from, COYI where did you get those numbers from? I can find 7 games 4 goals and 4 assists.
Sarr got the pace height and strength, but unlike Josh King, i'm not sure he's a STRIKER. If he is keen on playing there and Moyes can get him for a good price then i'd take him. £30m is ludicrous though, and Suli would not sanction that this Jan and it leaves nothing for a Dec/ Soucek backup. We are looking £15m and below for a striker i reckon and then a CM.

6.) 11 Jan 2021
11 Jan 2021 20:28:48
I think sarr is a potential top playerin the right team and that ain't watford.