01 Jan 2021 19:28:57
That's a great 3 points, just how important is Soucek to us, ⚒.

1.) 01 Jan 2021
01 Jan 2021 19:53:36
We trudged through that game, but were superbly organised in defence. Moyse made three very attacking substitutions and that, ultimately made the difference.

What a gem Soucek is.

2.) 01 Jan 2021
01 Jan 2021 20:14:02
Was a great solid effort and if you stay in games you can always win them - great work. I do see now why Benhrama doesn’t get on much though. He has some skills and a definite X factor but is soft and gets pushed off the ball so easily and if he was to play wide Creswell and Coufal would t be able to go forward. We really need a play maker with a little bit more strength or he will need to adapt.

3.) 01 Jan 2021
01 Jan 2021 20:43:53
I’m not a Benrahma fan. He is skilful, yet too soft. He never wins a tackle and gets shoved off the ball too easily. Masuaku is better on the left. Antonio made a big difference to us.
Did anyone see Haller during the game?

4.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 09:10:36
Didn’t see live game, listened on Radio which is even more nerve racking😂But what a team performance👍Ogbonna has been magnificent, Soucek, Coufal, Dawson had another good game apparently, says a lot about him considering his lack of games, in fact all the defence, the defensive lapses against Chelsea are gone now, they must have them in some games?
Unsurprisingly up front, I hardly heard the statue mentioned, apart from what he didn’t do as usual! Pearce was in the stand to see the bigger picture overall, barking out his opinions to Moyes! Poster says Benrahma not up to much, but he gets involved and you hear his name mentioned in play, so at least you know he’s playing, needs more game time maybe?
Antonio takes so much pressure of the team just when he’s on the pitch as the opposition know what he’s capable of, we need another of his capabilities, but easier said than found! I really never expected 3 points so great display all round apart from the usual number 22! Pity it never increased our place in the league⚒⚒⚒⚒.