01 Nov 2020 08:32:40
Morning all, we've got to sort out the striker department, I think we've all said that if anything happens to Antonio then we are stuffed, also Fab had a couple of handling errors last night, now I think he's a fantastic goalkeeper but he is 35 and that's another position we will have to look at sooner or later, maybe we should keep an eye on Burnley's position if they're still around the relegation zone come January (hopefully we're not), players might want out, Chris Wood, and Pope to name just a couple?

1.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 16:05:26

2.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 21:25:29
Last week Fab was one of the best against City, now social media are having a crack at him. I know a week is a long time in football but come on.

3.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 22:17:18
We all love Fab mate but his age is against him and sooner or later we will need to to look at other keepers.

4.) 03 Nov 2020
03 Nov 2020 10:14:41
I said earlier this year we need to be looking for a new number 1 Keeper if possible, as you say Stevie we all love Fab, he has been fantastic for us, but you can’t ignore the fact after his 6 weeks or so out last season, it started our downward slide, he is also going to be more prone to reoccurring injuries as well! Quite the worst position to be in needing a new number one Keeper!
Also agree with Wood and Pope but not sure we would get either, suggested several front men on earlier posts, Wood, Mitrovic, amongst others, we just need another type of Antonio? ⚒⚒⚒⚒.