05 Oct 2020 20:21:34
With all the players that have gone,
We need cover, Benrahma is a like for like replacement for Anderson, we need cover in midfield I think loftus cheek would be ideal but might be to late to get that done and we still need a centre back, what do you all think?

1.) 05 Oct 2020
05 Oct 2020 20:45:16
Just to add to my above post, I forgot about Diangana as well.

2.) 05 Oct 2020
05 Oct 2020 20:45:36
Now SILVA has joined greek side on loan WTF is going on, if we get a few key injurys then you have to start putting square pegs in round holes and that's when the results go downhill quicker than frans klammer we MUST have a couple of championship players lined up, well i hope so. COYI.

3.) 05 Oct 2020
05 Oct 2020 21:14:15
Let's face it we all knew what was going to happen, we tried, its hard to get deals over the line blah blah, 2 great performances but let's just hope nobody gets injured.

4.) 05 Oct 2020
05 Oct 2020 21:35:22
The squad has so many holes in it surely they have something lined up.

Once again It seems like we have spent to long chasing one player who was unlikely to come now we are looking desperate. Hope I'm wrong and replacements are lined up but I'm sceltical.

5.) 05 Oct 2020
05 Oct 2020 22:38:44
Other than Anderson the rest were fringe players 2 of our best players came from the championship Bowen Antonio.

6.) 05 Oct 2020
05 Oct 2020 23:11:06
They may be fringe players but we now only have noble as cover in the middle of the park, and he just doesn't have the pace or energy to keep up with the way moyes wants to play, ditto up top we have haller only who doesn't fit into our system at all, plus there are no guarantees that championship players can step up even if we do sign anyone from there, good championship players aren't cheap to be honest.