21 Jun 2020 12:21:31
Anderson should not be anywhere near a claret and blue shirt.
No change in the attitude or nil effort even after 3 months rest.
Need to change attitude of holding on for a point to be at least try and be more positive even if we do loose anyway.
Worried for last 8 games remaining.
I don't believe Moyes will save us this time!

1.) 22 Jun 2020
22 Jun 2020 08:02:42
Stevemudd, Agree on both comments, what reasons can you possibly give for signings from abroad that have cost £10’s of millions that make hardly any contributions to a game, then continue to play them, what message does that send do other squad players that are available for selection? I can only think DM is under pressure to play them because of the enormous fees and wages that are paid, plus hoping to show case them for transfer, it if the latter is the case, can’t see any Premiership club willing to take him on, the same apples to Haller! May have prospered with their previous clubs but not cracking it in the Premiership, offload both if possible! Snodgrass should be in the team imo if fit, he at least grafts, Wilshere is hopeless and to much of a lightweight even if supposedly fit, he ain’t up for a battle, defenders and midfield would target him, he would hardly last 30 minutes! I agree with Markwhu who says play Yarmelenko. We are now in a desperate position and it needs desperate decisions regarding selection! I can see other teams in similar trouble but look to have goal scorers in their side!

2.) 23 Jun 2020
23 Jun 2020 23:26:59
You no what CHELMS hiya by the way mate, the problem is they do not care enough like we do for WEST HAM in fact they couldn't care about WEST HAM as the likes of LANZINI, ANDERSON, FORNALS, HALLER, are going to get a new club when we are relegated make no mistake about that ANDERSON and LANZINI are putting an ounce of effort for the cause not a bit the only 2 or 3 I would say played well was RICE, BOWEN, ANTONIO in fits and starts.

SOUCEK look as fit as my mother-in-law you can imagine all gums and bums BALBUENA who I had high Hope's for isn't good enough and if a good bid comes in for DIOP then we should bite there arm off CRESSWELL ain't premier league standard IMO and I'm 50-50 on Frederick's but if NOBLES there next season when we are in the championship.

I won't be going so I hope and pray we get out of this because I cannot stand my misses all day saturday moaning and groaning at my daughters all day so come on you multi millionaires start earning you fortunes or are they really hiding. COYI.