20 Apr 2020 22:27:25
Evening gents,

Haven't posted for a while, but I'd just like your opinions on the below (Ed's if you could weigh in on anything you've heard as well it would be great) .

Anderson to Napoli - personally i'd like to see Anderson stay, he's unbelievable on his day, he just needs the right mindset and I feel this is something Moyes will do well, get him working hard again.

Diop to Spurs/ United - a step backwards for me, our best defender after Ogbonna, inconsistent this year, but the quality is definitely there and he's still very young in CB years. I'd also like to see him stay.

Lanzini - Not even half the player he was before the injury. He can't influence a game like he used to, and I think this level may be too high for him now. I love what he's done for us and the goals he's scored, but it may be time to go?

Players to push and build a team around - Haller, Diop, Anderson, Bowen, Soucek, Rice, Fornals (revelation in the second half of the season) .

Players to move on/ sell - Sanchez (muck), Yarmolenko (Better suited to another league and injury prone it seems), Lanzini, Balbuena.

I think we need a RB and a LB as I don't see Cresswell as being good enough for this level, and Fredricks is too injury prone. Ngakia is too young to be expected to be first team week in week out. Soucek needs to be signed permanently, he's very good. Another striker.

What are your views guys?

{Ed001's Note - Lanzini needs time mate. An injury like he has can take 12-18 months just to relearn how to run normally, let alone kick the ball.

Fornals I agree is a quality player, I was very excited about you buying him and you need to hang on to him.}

1.) 21 Apr 2020
21 Apr 2020 14:30:26
I agree he needs time Ed - however if we’re forced into selling players due to the situation, I would rather see Lanzini go than Anderson or Fornals

Is there any rumours on potential ins and outs that could happen this summer, if the transfer window goes ahead as usual?

{Ed001's Note - nothing at the moment mate, not sure what is happening sorry.}

2.) 21 Apr 2020
21 Apr 2020 22:41:29
TK. I agree with much of what you have said, although I would use Ngakia, if he’s old enough he’s good enough.

3.) 30 Apr 2020
30 Apr 2020 05:14:29
I'd sell lanzini who I don't think will be the same player after that injury as ED said it takes a long time to come back from that sort of injury and some are never the same we have to keep FORNALS on ANDERSON I'm not sure his heart has ever been in west ham and I think his mindset was to use us as a stepping stone to a bigger premier league team and it hasn't worked out so he either rolls his sleeves up and gives us a go or he can go but I'd be amazed if RICE wants to leave and that would hurt but SOUCEK is decent and if RICE did go it would give us a massive war chest to spend and replace RICE with a quality player to play with SOUCEK. COYI.