03 Mar 2020 11:42:42
Great result at the weekend, think MOYES nailed it. What a difference it makes to our play, and importantly Haller, when we have players like Antonio and Bowen who will get around and, importantly, beyond him. Anderson and Lanzini are great, but they do not run behind the front men as they prefer to play deeper and in-front of the defence. This is why they have both looked poor this season, because their current game does not suit a striker like Haller. Anderson would be UNREAL if Moyes can coach this to him.

Don't understand the criticism Moyes got when not starting Bowen vs City and Liverpool. Yes he would have improved our team (undoubtedly), but clearly MOYES wanted his first start to be at home vs a team we could compete against to give him confidence. Either of the other games could have dented his confidence massively in his transition from the Championship. Moyes says we can't rely on him to be our saviour, but he clearly knows that he COULD BE our saviour if managed properly. Great bit of man management IMO.

There are NO games in our final fixtures that we could not win on our day, I'd personally like us to be on the front foot for all of these games. Only Man Utd away is a game we could maybe show a LITTLE more caution than we did vs Saints. Arsenal and Spurs away will be tough, but to beat them on their turf you need to go at them and pressure them into mistakes.
SUPPORT the players, TRUST in Moyes!

1.) 03 Mar 2020
03 Mar 2020 20:55:51
You got to hand it to Moyes. As much as we all wanted bowen in the team he was clearly saving him for the saints game and well done to fir doing it. It seems from what I hear that moyes if we stay upset targeting younger hungrier players for next season and looking seriously at chsmpionship.

2.) 03 Mar 2020
03 Mar 2020 20:59:40
Haller won 14 aerial duels. He is brilliant in the air - just look at how high he jumped to challenge the keeper before his goal and how many knock ons he played.

Nick, you are spot on about the support he needs, especially players running beyond him so he can glance those headers through.

Once I’d seen the you tube stuff, I was mad keen for Haller to come to us, but h simply must have the necessary support to show him at his devastating best.

Bowen was excellent and Antonio was Antonio (a handful for any defender in the country) .

I just have to wonder if Moyse will be brave enough to stick with this electric front three against the tougher teams. God, I hope so!