11 May 2019 11:50:45
Time wasting through feigned injury and through substitutions in the last few minutes are rife in the game.

What about this: reduce the playing time to 35mins each half and stop the clock whenever the ball is not in play.

I reckon we would actually see more football that way and it would stop some of the rolling around.

I’d also like the ref to have a third card which he can show a player who “appears” to be badly injured. It would mean 5mins off the pitch recovery time.

1.) 12 May 2019
12 May 2019 07:19:44
Will never happen.

2.) 12 May 2019
12 May 2019 10:48:33
I agree - it will never happen, but it would do away with both time wasting and the need for extra time (which is arbitrarily plucked out of thin air by the ref) .