12 Apr 2019 08:18:53
Is it a coincidence that since IronMike has stopped posting on this site it has become very boring and empty, I personally only posted on others comments to either agree or disagree so I am not the most interesting of posters I must admit🤣The usual stalwarts on this site are not communicating much, as like me they probably have little to comment on! As somebody posted previously, we are missing Mikes info whether it was believable or idealistic rumour! So my post says come back Mike providing of course you are well, or this site is in danger of going to the mortuary!

{Ed002's Note - It was nout humour, it was simply nonsense, He is more than welcome to com back with all of his fantasy "bid gone in" rubbish you all seem so keen on.}

1.) 12 Apr 2019
12 Apr 2019 12:08:34
To be honest Chelms, not a lot going on. Even twitter is almost silent about us these days.
Personally think the main focus will be on player sales and feel most of us will find that quite boring?
Rumours I have seen on outs (From back to front)
GK - Adrian (Trott deemed worthy of 1st team)
LB - Masuaku
RB - Zabaleta, Byram (loan)
CB - Oxford, Ogbonna
MC - Obiang
LW/ RW - No one yet
SC - Perez, Carroll, Arnautovic
A few youngsters to be released as well.

ED002 gave a decent snapshot of players we are interested in/ have no hope/ likely a week or so ago and he is generally on the money.
Can start twitter roundup again if Mike doesn't return but frankly most is rubbish.

{Ed002's Note - I think a lot of effort needs to be made to hang on to Declan Rice.}

2.) 12 Apr 2019
12 Apr 2019 15:27:18
Glen, to be honest my opinion of playing is quite old fashioned due to age factor, players should be versatile up to a point and have a good work rate! Defenders should be able to defend anywhere within reason and forwards should be able to attack and score goals. Football is made too complicated, especially listening to some pundits!
So realistically I know nothing of players abroad unless they have played here, can be complications with settling in or simply cashing in on big Money. Defenders / Midfield, Shelvey, Clyne, Dunk, Duffy, Forwards/ Attack, Mitrovic, Traore, Ashley Barnes, Solly March, Traore. Wood, these to me are proven players in the Premiersnip! As I said I have set myself up to be shot down with my old fashioned train of thought but I think these seem solid players to my knowledge and not paperweight pretenders! So I would have any of them that added up to a £75m spend!

3.) 12 Apr 2019
12 Apr 2019 15:58:48
I'd go all out for Gomez and Che adams. cm I'd go for kessie at Milan or Toulouse lad sangare I think. Get brahimi in on a free and add some youth for lb, i'd also use masarku wide left and move Anderson central to add pace.

4.) 12 Apr 2019
12 Apr 2019 16:28:45
I would personally love to see West Ham go for Kieran Tierney though I suspect he would have bigger clubs chasing him.

5.) 12 Apr 2019
12 Apr 2019 20:24:16
Pellegrini and his coaching staff are taking VAR lessons at the moment from a company called CPC. regards IRONMIKE.

6.) 13 Apr 2019
13 Apr 2019 10:47:01
Lets hope the refs are as well Mike lol lol lol lol I like it now that they announce what it for,