09 Jan 2017 11:36:15
OK I wanted to add my 2 cents worth to this discussion so far.
Firstly the pitch dimension discussion is a fallacy "[The] pitch is [the] PL required size of 105 x 68m and cannot be made smaller. [It] was 100.5 x 68m at UP [Upton Park] as [it was] structurally not possible to comply with PL rules. " Basically it's just 4.5m longer, and not wider!
I do think that the new stadium is the biggest issue IMO. I think that we should have moved, only way we would move forward in the modern game, and don't forget that most clubs who change grounds have first year teething troubles. Opposing teams are looking forward to playing here, not intimidated anymore, pressure on the team, atmosphere not so stimulating to our players too.
Player recruitment I think failed for a few reasons. We signed a bunch of players to make a bigger squad to compete in Europe, rather than focusing on a few quality players to improve the squad. I also think in some ways we were too ambitious after our UEFA exit and focused on one or two marquee signings that would never happen (either we were too small or we wouldn't pay up) and that the board opened their mouths too much about signings to keep us happy that they were trying, but that just breeds disappointment when we don't sign them and alerts other teams which pushes prices up. I would rather the board kept quiet and then just announced when we signed someone.
I do agree with the youth comments. We have some young hungry strikers, we're just not scoring right now, and put our right winger upfront when we don't have any ideas. Give Fletcher or Quina a go. They have something to prove, seems to be good enough for Man U last season and Spurs with Kane and Alli.
Finally we need to show the hunger, pace and passion that we did last year. That won us games we should have lost. I'm not as doom and gloom as many of you, and maybe it is time for DGS to sell and take on a new project, we shouldn't forget what they've done for us since they took over, however now is the time for a new owner to take us up to the next level

1.) 09 Jan 2017
09 Jan 2017 15:42:17
bang on mate your saying what all us loyal hammers (whtid) are saying and thinking . god bless my son and may your mine and the rest of us beautifull fellow hammers have a good second half of this season . regards mike . COYI

2.) 10 Jan 2017
10 Jan 2017 00:42:48
Great post. Too much blaming stadiums, pitches etc and not enough focus on the fact we have an average squad right now and our best players are not in form and not lifting the overall team. we bought squad players and have not improved the team from last year where we actually finished higher than the team could have expected to anyway. We need to be getting to the bottom of why players like Payet is not performing not selling our best players hoping others will join us when we are not yet a side that will fight for Euro places each year.