05 Jul 2024 12:30:18
IF the stories about CHIESA is a true one, that Juve want him gone, with last year on he's contract, for 18 m, we would be foolish NOT to jump on this he's 26, he's a fantastic player, thoroubred international, wing or middle, would make a big difference for us up front

1.) 05 Jul 2024
05 Jul 2024 12:40:51
If the above is true, then there will be a queue a mile long to sign him. We will be at the end of that queue, not the front.

2.) 05 Jul 2024
05 Jul 2024 15:08:38
Very true, perhaps that’s why, no comment has been heard as yet

3.) 05 Jul 2024
05 Jul 2024 16:09:55
We apparently offered NICE Zouma and Aguerd for Tobido and they said No? Somehow I can't believe this rubbish

4.) 05 Jul 2024
05 Jul 2024 18:00:11
This. Is true, Oshee reason being there has been no firm interest from anywhere in Aguerd, which has surprised WH, the player wants to leave, especially to France, problem here is cash balance, Aguerd plus 10 m say WH, Aguerd plus 25 m say Nice, they really don’t want Aguerd but for 15 m they will take him, valuing Todibo at 40 m WH paid too much for him, and previously valued him too high, Nice want cash preferably, they will take 35 m cash for Todibo, they have no interest in Zouma at any price, Personally I can see Aguerd leaving for a lower figure, maybe not to Nice, leaving WH hoping someone comes in for Zouma, they want him and his wages gone, this is going to be difficult, he wants to sit out his last year of contract, as does Ings

5.) 05 Jul 2024
05 Jul 2024 18:32:09
And who can blame them at £125k a week. Stoopid move paying them that much. A tactic straight out of the man utd book of mistakes. If we got rid of aguerd and zouma and can somehow get tobido, our cb pairing is sorted for years to come. We just need decent full backs. I still worry about the lack of striker and full backs but we are making progress albeit slow