19 Jun 2024 11:24:11
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DAISYHAMMER has submitted an article entitled, West Ham's Seasons Ticket Debacle

1.) 19 Jun 2024
19 Jun 2024 13:01:58
Daisy, although I am not personally affected, by these changes, you are correct, these days I live in West London, but the central line makes easy connection, car not necessary, it’s used for away games, I’m often in the west-end, and have noticed that irregardless, of sold outsigns from WH there are often. Blocks of tickets available, at various places on sale to tourists who are paying ludicrous money to get them, not 1or 2 but tens, twenties and thirties, where are they coming from? Answer from the club itself, ! Make of that whet you will. These days it’s only about money, interest in supporters doesn’t exist only feigned, personally, , I would be glad to see the club change hands

2.) 19 Jun 2024
19 Jun 2024 19:41:11
Great piece Daisy ref the season ticket scandal