13 Jun 2024 11:21:45
Have West Ham fans been fed a £100m red herring after some extremely exciting developments in the transfer market over the last week?

That's the question being asked after a steady stream of news regarding our transfer plans.

It's been the worst kept secret in football that we need to spend big and spend well this summer! Hence why we have TS.

We've been told the LOPETEGUI will be looking to make between six to eight signings this summer. However, at the weekend it was reported that Lopetegui and Steidten want to see every position strengthened.

As we have already worked out, £100m budget and maybe £50m from Sales gives us approx £15m per position

Its also been noted by fans that we are on course to announce record profits of over £360m in their next set of accounts!

If you then think we have just spent a 5th of our Budget on one player, things don;t add up. Seemingly we are also willing to pay £20m+ for WESLEY GASSOVA and leave him in BRAZIL until January?

We've identified JOTA SILVA £17m and En Nesyri £17m, well that's knocking on for £80m and we've still not addressed the midfield where its clear SOUCEK and JWP are not consistently performing at PREMIER LEAGUE LEVEL and need to be reaplced, we nee LB, RB and at least two CB's and none of these come cheap?

So, have we been spoon fed some rubbish? The remainder of this window will show us

1.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 12:05:44
Hi Daisy, it’s the West Ham new way of keeping expectations down, stops fans expecting too much, avoids possible failures, and keeps other clubs prices down ( they hope ) it’s baseline 90 m plus expected sales of at least three adding at least 50. M Making 140 m, plus percentage of profits made for last season, less some above average expenses, imo it can run to. 175./190 m, lots of time to go patience is going to be the key

2.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 13:48:59
Medium term patience, I think. If Loppy and Steidten are still with us in three years time, we will have an excellent squad.

3.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 14:07:36
I think there are some bargains to be had as we approach the end of June as clubs will be determined to comply with ffp after last year's points deductions

We have now announced guilherme for 25m so there's money there I'm pretty relaxed this window i think we can let Tim do his thing and I'm confident we will be in a good position come the start if the season

4.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 14:27:35
With Aguerd and Zouma looking likely to follow Ogbonna, we would need 3 new cbs, with Kilman looking far too expensive I'd go for Greaves, Nehuen Perez and either one of the young Brazilian cbs or Ronnie Edwards.

Would have been nice to get a prem proven cb but likely too expensive.

5.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 06:41:38
Personally I think we will struggle to get shot of Zouma for 2 reasons, his wages and his right knee wouldn’t pass a medical. I hope I am wrong

6.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 07:10:14
I am genuinely excited by this window and some of the targets we are being linked with. There is no way in this world MOYES would have entertained any of these except maybe the CB's (unless of course they came from MAN UTD) .

It seems Neuhen Perez is as good as done and we are no turning our attention to Jayden Oosterwolde, described by many as the complete full back.

Talks are ongoing with JUVE for SOULE, Tammy Abraham's name has cropped up again as have many others

7.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 08:04:58
This does look like an incredibly exciting window with some of the names we are being linked with.

Personally I can't shake the opinion that Jarrod Bowen is likely to be our starting centre forward next season, or that we will have an ever shifting front three. Let me explain;

1. We have signed Luis Guilherme for £25m and he is naturally a right winger that can play centrally and on the left.

2. We are in negotiations with Juventus regarding Matias Soule, who again is naturally a right winger and can play centrally.

3. We also seem keen on Jota Silva who is naturally a left winger but can also play up top and on the right.

4. We are apparently still interested in Wesley Gassova who is naturally a left winger, but can also play centrally and on the right.

Whilst I admit it is unlikely we will sign all four of these players, the focus seems to be on wingers over forwards, and I just can't shake the feeling that is because Bowen is going to be our main forward this year with these signings given the chance to play.

8.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 08:18:06
West Ham are being careful with their buys for a change. We have had our fingers burnt, and at last they are seeking value, and not players after a vast wage and signing on fee. We need 3/4 good buys in - 1 all ready through the door, and 3/4 out. We cannot get rid of everyone. I assume Zouma and Aguerd will go for around £40m, so they'll need replacing, and then a forward in. I don't see much passed 3 coming in.

9.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 07:04:26
I reckon we are looking at probably 6 to 8 players coming in. I like the idea of guillerme, jota silva, gassova, bowen, kudus, Soule giving us some depth in attacking positions and these can all rotate playing across the front. An out and out striker would be a bonus and then sell soucek and jwp. Keep downes to play along side alvarez and get fofana. Resolve back four and we are sorted lol yeah I know dreaming