06 Jun 2024 07:18:14
The simple way of having more transfer money to spend is by selling players at a profit NOT a loss.
And that was always my issue with Moyes (and the sh*t style of play obviously ?)! He's left us in a position of needing to rebuild with players like Ings, Zouma, Aguerd, Cornet who came in for around £90m who'll go for nowhere near that initial outlay! He lost millions on Haller, Scamacca and Vlasic! Benrahama will probably go for another loss! And don't even get me started on the millions wasted on Phillips and Hugill.We're only having to gamble now on recruitment because players depreciated in value thanks to the stubborness of a man who wouldn't adapt his ideas to benefit those who were brought in at a massive cost! Are the lads from Brazil a gamble? Of course they f**king are but let's be honest we're only having to gamble so much because of the ageing muddled squad that HE left for a new manager to inherit.

1.) 06 Jun 2024
06 Jun 2024 13:50:01
Yup, that’s the achievement of Moyes

2.) 06 Jun 2024
06 Jun 2024 16:01:43
Totally agree Dicksy. He squandered money on stupid purchases and vehemently opposed other options put to him. What I am surprised with is that lopetegui has reportedly only got £90m to spend plus money from sales?

3.) 06 Jun 2024
06 Jun 2024 17:31:00
The base of 90 m is correct, as I had worked out myself, it wasn’t difficult sales from Kehrer onward must be added, Aguerd looks definite, to go / Benharama , if Lyon can get round their transfer ban will leave, (Or he returns to squad, ) looks like we can run to 140 m without any pressure, WH have to soak up the 35% approx uplift on all transfers and. Various fees involved, NEXTSUMMER, or before, we will need similar funds, as end of contracts come for Zouma Ings, Antonio, Fabianski, and Cresswell, that’s if Zouma Ings and Cornet. Are still with us, they are going to be hard to shift beforehand, you know their individual stories and high wages, it’s going to be a big job, for Steidten for sure, but he had great success at Leverkusen, now it’s the turn of West Ham! To make the changes