08 Jul 2024 16:32:51
SORLOTH, it looks as if Roma are moving away, leaving WH as the main party, no bid made as yet / /, meanwhile, Roma are trying to swap Abraham for Chiesa, taking out both options //, To their suprise Brentford not had one proper bid for Toney, WH have left it alone, same with Bournemouth, just asking too much for their man, Mikautdze, going to Monaco, so many of our striker targets are evaporating // Sorloth is overpriced, no question, can see WH at 25 plus 5 m euros bid IF they want to go forward?

1.) 08 Jul 2024
08 Jul 2024 17:32:25
Toney can play, but he’s an arrogant bloke and I reckon he would be problematic in the dressing room.

2.) 08 Jul 2024
08 Jul 2024 18:04:32
Just don’t know if he would fit into a new proposed style of play, no doubt his price will come down, he’s at last year of contract, apart from early inquiry WH have gone no further, it’s interesting that all of the three original clubs, (Arsenal, Chelsea, and Spurs ) who wanted him, have vanished from the scene?