04 Jul 2024 09:54:27
PAQUETA, Al Nassr have jumped in with offer apparently bigger than Flamengo, the Saudis are trying to weigh up wether, the Brazilians are for real, and wether the player would actually leave and go to Saudi? Time will tell, but they can certainly outbid anybody

1.) 04 Jul 2024
04 Jul 2024 14:41:20
Yeah seems Al Nassr are very keen on Paqueta despite what's going on in the background which is interesting.

Seems like we are thinking of offering ZOUMA and Cash for Tobido and £40m for Kilman?

We are also thinking of making a higher bid for SIMON BANZA.

Juventus and West Ham are close on agreeing a deal for SOULE (I hope we are adding this all up because I'm wondering where the money is comning from)

So many players linked apparently its becoming tough to decide what's fact and what isn;t

2.) 04 Jul 2024
04 Jul 2024 16:13:24
Daisy, I worked through the figures some weeks ago, on this site. Believe me I am no mathematical genius, All this 30/50 m budget is just silly talk, we where up to 110 m prior to addons From various and place finish etc and the sale of Aguerd, hopefully forthcoming I’m sticking to 175 m approx, now plus the unlikely but possible sale of Paqueta, we are going well over that, there is no way we are going to get 8 players in on 50 m, Kilman and Guilherme equals 60 m basic without the 35% approx combined fees addons, so according to Claret and Hugh, we are now spent out ( and can’t buy anybody else! ), these people make fools of themselves, up to last Friday there has been no interest on Aguerd, but he’s pushing to leave, and WH trying to push him out, anyway looks like progress, hurray!