03 Jul 2024 10:24:07
Cadioglu, half the premier had a scout watching him last night, he is mustard this boy, WH would pay 25 m for him, but 4 clubs might just pay more Arsenal, Brighton Fulham, and even Wolves, IF we take Kilman from them Calafiori, we are muscled out in this direction by Arsenal and Chelsea m who are both prepared to pay 40 m plus for him, we are in danger of looking at players who are just too expensive for us, we need to make a couple of signings soon, and stick to original plans, and not look for superstars, attracted to clubs with deep pockets

1.) 03 Jul 2024
03 Jul 2024 14:22:16
OK, so let's look at this logically. We've all hread about how small our transfer budget is, however, LOPETEGUI wants KILMAN let's not mess about. He is going to cost in the region of £40m so why bid for Tobidou because there is no way we are buying both which would north of £80m

2.) 03 Jul 2024
03 Jul 2024 15:49:42
Calafiori almost 90% agreed with Arsenal at 55 m euros all in, why are we even trying to compete with this level, it’s just time wasting, another time maybe but not this season, we need too many players, teams like Arsenal don’t that’s the difference, get the numbers in, leave the superstars for now