02 Jul 2024 22:27:39
Todibo bid caught all of us by suprise, Barcelona have 20% clause if he's transferred, anyones guess at the outcome, Man United, out of the picture, no others have made bid at present, maybe? He's the right age and looks the business.

1.) 03 Jul 2024
03 Jul 2024 08:55:21
I love the TABLOIDS headline "West Ham to continue spending spree"? Really? We've bought one player and Foderingham was a free agent? Not exactly a spending spree. I also read that LOP wants majority of his business done before pre season starts? Best we get a move on then

2.) 03 Jul 2024
03 Jul 2024 18:38:04
Can't see that happening Daisy, but patience is a virtue apparently lol.