03 Jun 2024 14:33:12
Some, 3 Brazilian deals in the pipework which have all now fallen down at the last hurdle? If it was me I would say "Forget Brazil, look elsewhere"

1.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 15:53:59
Saudis coming in and turning heads with big wage offers, can understand bruno going there for the money at his age but Guilherme won't develop there the standard is that poor unless they take him there for a couple seasons and sell him to Newcastle on the cheap wouldn't be surprised.

2.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 15:56:05
Also read the poisonous dwarf might have pulled the plug on the deal as it was getting to expensive.

3.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 16:10:16
Sorry, got to counteract this rubbish on Sullivan, he had already agreed the fee of 30 m euro, it was the personal terms that couldn’t be struck, but Iron Al, you are correct my friend, youngster going to ruin his career playing Saudi rubbish, greed in the eyes of his agent, persuading him not to play in premier league, the boy needs proper advice, he could play in Europe the next 13 years then go to Saudi, !

4.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 18:09:58
Just saying what I read, it's probably just click bait but I wouldn't be surprised as it's Sullivan we are talking about.

The latest I've read is from Brazil stating despite reports in England the deal if close to falling apart, there has been no change they expect talks to progress. Maybe the English media jumped the gun a bit, I'm hoping so as it shows big ambition

5.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 18:25:19
Yep unfortunately the agents are going to be ruining another transfer window and its all about the money. No agent is interested in what's best for the clients. Never mind, jack clarke, jota, marcus edwards and en nesyri would give us a nice pacey front line and not break the bank. Add kudus and bowen (if we can hang on to them. Go get fofana and partner him in mid woth downes

6.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 18:29:37
It’s beginning to look embarrassing. Why do we seem to need to tell the world and especially certain respected Italian journalists that they are done deals until they are actually done and a player is having their medical.
It’s still very early days and the window hasn’t officially opened but maybe concentrate on a couple of the potential signing like el nasri and Kilman who JL has worked with previously and should hold some sort of sway with these ?

7.) 04 Jun 2024
04 Jun 2024 12:31:22
Well it all looks on again infact it was never off, someones been stirring the pot. quite a lot of credible journalist fouled as well regarding the Saudi interest. Player happy with the move, all looks set to go ahead unless a team comes in at the last hour. Tbf to romano he did say it could be concluded this week which may well be the case don't think he backtracked either when everyone was reporting it was off.