28 Oct 2021 14:39:10
Rumours of Kretinsky investing £700m for a 27% share in the club may be exaggerated.

1.) 28 Oct 2021
28 Oct 2021 15:20:08
Mark the way I read the article was a 27% stake valuing the club at £650 million I e he would be investing around £160 million initially with the intention of taking s majority stake after 2023

Ed's any confirmation in you knowledge.

{Ed002's Note - There have been discussions for a while but your understanding is that the stake that is available is apparently just under 27% of the total shares and that your calculation is correct that it values the club at something like £600+M in total - not his share. There is a separate issue to resolve in relation to UEFA and his ownership of Sparta Prague in respect of European competition. But that can be fixed.}

2.) 28 Oct 2021
28 Oct 2021 16:01:51
Thx for the info. Any serious investment would be welcome. The Daves aren’t getting any younger. Kretinsky is, I believe, about 46.

3.) 29 Oct 2021
29 Oct 2021 09:02:09
Thanks Ed brilliant as usual.

4.) 29 Oct 2021
29 Oct 2021 10:25:48
So, if he buys 27%, that will be for something like £150m to £180m approx. Who is he buying the shares from? If it’s from the Davids, then that money becomes theirs. That means talk of boosting the Jan war chest for buying players depends on whether the Davids want to spend their new money.

Will they?

{Ed002's Note - Yes, the shares are from the owners and the money will be theirs. They could choose to invest some in the club but are constrained by FFP.}

5.) 30 Oct 2021
29 Oct 2021 21:35:58
Thank you.

6.) 30 Oct 2021
30 Oct 2021 21:10:39
C&H reporting Kretinsky is one of several interested in buying a stake in west ham. Any truth in that? Are sparta Prague ran well?

7.) 01 Nov 2021
01 Nov 2021 01:48:49
No matter how much money somebody pumps in to a football club there is always them very powerful three letters FFP and everybody must obide to them as Newcastle thought they were instantly going to be up to winning the premier league unfortunately it takes time to develop a squad to do this and the reason city and Chelsea, Liverpool are there is the whole squad not just the starting 11 the bench has to be strong I'm not saying I'd rather not have the billionaire owner as that would be crazy as that's the way football is, and if your club hasn't got that billionaire owners then you just cannot compete with the top clubs and every season will be survival which isn't enjoyable so I welcome the CZECH billionaire with open arms as the three (well so far 2 ) haven't been bad to put it mildly so COYI.

8.) 01 Nov 2021
01 Nov 2021 03:55:29
I read the likelihood is paying down the 120 million debt that is at high interest rates to begin with. That would make a big difference as payments on it eat into the amount able to be spent on playing staff.

9.) 01 Nov 2021
01 Nov 2021 11:34:19
Whorya48,?? good to see you back posting, was wondering not seeing you on here for so long if you were OK????⚒⚒⚒⚒.

10.) 02 Nov 2021
02 Nov 2021 20:21:24
Wonder what the sparta fans think of him. I've read recently he can be overly involved with team matters ie tactics, lineups. If true I wouldn't want him.

11.) 03 Nov 2021
03 Nov 2021 00:25:34
Did read that too Iron.Al, supposedly not hiring a manager because the manager couldn't explain to him how the overlapping fullbacks would be able to recover in time if the ball was lost. Wonder how much truth to that though? I think Moyes or any other PL manager that might come in would tell him to (space to fill out any two words of your choosing) .

12.) 18 Nov 2021
18 Nov 2021 18:32:30
Hiya chelmsford i'm ok just been super busy mate hope you are well also?