03 Jan 2021 19:21:06
I've seen a couple of reports suggesting we could be after Arnautovic on loan, we couldn't do that unless we sign permanently or send back either Dawson or Benrahma as we've used up our loan options, I'm sure it's just speculation, Arnautovic not for me, he can stay in China with his brother as far as I'm concerned!

1.) 04 Jan 2021
04 Jan 2021 00:07:04
i agree with u mate i would also like Dawson who has done a decent job, not the fastest but neither was ginger Pelle. Dawason is a good honest pro that has done well when called apon and that leaves a place to sign another lone player but not MA. he sold himself for coin. traitors should not be forgiven.
Hallar and Diop should be sold to get another centre forward any news on Masuaku i heard a rumour he's doing light training any confirmation on him.

2.) 04 Jan 2021
04 Jan 2021 03:49:04
Don’t think it has any legs. Just poor journalism in my view off of the back of the managers comments about finding another Arnie in the squad.

3.) 04 Jan 2021
04 Jan 2021 22:21:10
I agree lads. Marko can sling his hook. He will bring issues and bad vibes into the changing room.
I wouldn’t sell Diop and think he will become a stalwart for West Ham moving forward. Ogbonna and Balbuena won’t be around for ever and we need a player who can develop to step into one of those positions in the future.
I feel a little sorry for Haller. He has no pace and we know it but he’s always left up front as a loan striker. When he was in Germany he played as a second striker with two up front and we haven’t given him the opportunity to play in that formation. We either play a system that suits him or sell him. If we sell him, it wouldn’t be his fault but the fact that he just doesn’t fit into our system of play. If he played upfront with Antonio, the two of them could reek havoc in opposition boxes.

4.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 09:13:08
I disagree Marko would fit perfectly into our system, he is miles better than anything else we are likely to get -moyes got the best out of him there are no supporters in stadiums so he won't get fan pressure, the biggest problem was his brother who was also his agent, plus he's arrogant enough to come in be a hit and not care what anyone else thinks a couple of goals and supporters will be back on side anyway.

5.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 09:19:49
COYI, I agree with your first paragraph👍 However sorry mate when I see the H name mentioned, it’s a red rag to a Bull🤣😂You can be played out of your position in most places, but show the teammates and everybody you’re willing to run and try, he is lazy and looks like he sulks, then falls over at every slight tackle, ball control is non existent, he hides up front wide to avoid getting involved?
Why should a system be changed to suit one player, he will not make a difference wherever he plays with us, he needs to go ASAP, but who would walk away from £6 million a year for a bit of training?
Worst forward that ever played for us? He can’t live off his overhead kick for the rest of his time with us? It’s a catch 22 situation for the club? ⚒⚒⚒⚒.

6.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 17:41:27
We changed an entire system to accommodate noble in CAM so I don't see an issue changing the system to play to the strengths of a striker its pretty important in terms of scoring goals 😂. His confidence looks completely hammered though and still definitely no where near the worst striker we have had i could probably name 5 off the bat under moyes and sullivan that are worse. I think an over weight benni Mccarthy and a fat mido could make up 4 of them.

7.) 06 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 22:25:08
Agree Iron. Al I have seen what he can do, right now he does look like he is sulking. These days young people (god I’m getting old) it isn’t a case of just telling them get on with it, you gave to manage them all differently, he looks like someone who needs some good man management to get him back playing at his best. Unfortunately Moyes may not be that man, I don’t know.

8.) 06 Jan 2021
06 Jan 2021 09:40:12
Chelmsford. to say he is "worst forward that ever played for us" you must have an extremely short memory. May I remind you of a few, Bennie McCarthey, Savio, Miaga, Chamakh, Zaza, Calleri. and that's just the few I can remember sitting at my desk. To even suggest that he's the worst we've had is completely unjust and extremely unfair. May I also remind you, he is our top scorer this season. Fair enough a few have come in the Cups, but you can only score against what's in front of you.

I get it Chelms, you want to see a guy throw himself around on the pitch, whether it be fruitless or not, I get it, as a West Ham fan I also love to see players leaving everything on the pitch and covering every blade of grass, but it just isn't his game. He's a technical player which was evident when he banged in that bicycle kick. I'm not saying Haller is without fault, but the criticism you give this guy could almost be seen as a hate crime haha!

Hope you had a good new year - looking forward to more discussions in the second half of the season!

9.) 06 Jan 2021
06 Jan 2021 15:20:13
Have u seen Adam Hlozek sparta Prague striker? Wow, what can I say have a look.

{Ed002's Note - Adam Hlozek is a player who you will hear a lot about in the coming years.}

10.) 06 Jan 2021
06 Jan 2021 15:54:45
TK, well you’re living up to your name giving me a 🔨 Hammering😂🤣But that’s great, I can take it as well as dish it out👍But it changes nothing in my opinion about about H! I don’t worry about what’s gone on with previous signings, they’re in the past, only interested in the here and now! Interesting to know at 76 I could get my first criminal conviction for saying what I think about H😂🤣
On a lighter note, was reading we may well have Anderson back shortly as he’s done nothing at Porto, prefer him to Haller😂Sorry TK, Happy new year mate🎉🎉⚒⚒⚒.

11.) 07 Jan 2021
07 Jan 2021 00:14:34
Looks like you may be happy soon as rumour that Haller will go to Ajax. Big loss in my opinion, not on his form and what he has provided, I agree with you on that, but on what he can provide and what I think good management could get out of him.

12.) 08 Jan 2021
07 Jan 2021 22:47:16
Lets see if haller does better at ajax as i'm pretty sure they have done proper scouting by knowing that he must play in a 2 up front or a attacking 3 unlike us who bought a plager and done the complete opposite although it wasnt moyes signing but moyes never gave a run of games with 2 or 3 up front but hey ho its gone now i hope he proves moyes and the board wrong by selling him at a massive loss as that's the quickest way to ruin a football club.