25 Jun 2020 05:55:52
Morning chaps, I'm led to believe that West Ham wanted to appoint Dyche as manager before reappointing Moyes, but certain things maybe got in the way, but now I'm reading that Dyche is ready to walk out on Burnley, so if he does what do the club do if there number one target becomes available, do they stick or twist, what would you do guys?

1.) 25 Jun 2020
25 Jun 2020 14:51:33
Stevie, Dyche would have been my choice before DM to be honest! Love his quote “minimum requirement is maximum effort”👍👍No fancy Dans in his side, all good hard working team players! How often do you keep swapping though? Would feel DM is hard done by if he wasn’t given more time, but we don’t make those decisions👍⚒⚒⚒.

2.) 25 Jun 2020
25 Jun 2020 17:01:00
Stevie/ Chelmsford I se to remember that Dyches contract is up either now or next year. There was serious talk about him taking over as Mr Brady works for Dyches management company.

Sean seems to get the best out of good British players who are more shall we say energetic.

3.) 25 Jun 2020
25 Jun 2020 18:00:06
Merceri, yes much more energetic with an appetite for a battle, would love to see what he could do for us? Don’t think he could make Wilshere more energetic, he talks a good game about “being fit and raring to go” but he would wouldn’t he🤣😂⚒⚒.