21 Feb 2020 18:33:36
Frederick's out for some time so Moyes will have to make a decision on playing zabaletta or ngaski at right back against Liverpool.

Another stupid decision from the MP era to sell Byram to Norwich for half a million

No doubt we will play 5 across the back with Mgaski Zab, Diop, Oggie and Cresswrll

Could zab play defensive midfield alongside Rice.

1.) 22 Feb 2020
22 Feb 2020 11:24:09
Matsuaku, cresswell, noble would be dropped. Bring ngaki and Johnson in as full backs. Play rice and soucek in front of back line fornals, Anderson antonio and bowen up front rotating around so liverpool's back. line can't pick up a forward.

2.) 22 Feb 2020
22 Feb 2020 19:54:28
The way things are cannot be blamed entirely at moyes feet. Ok, am not happy what hd did with bowen and feel he needs to change things, but what's he suposed to do if he has a striker that can't score. At least last time we had arnautovic who ran at and in behind defenders and that's what we need.