21 Feb 2020 09:03:23
Lets face it guys these are the games we must win to secure us in the Premiership.
Southhampton, Newcastle, Burnley, Norwich, Watford, and Aston villa.

We need 5 wins from the 6 above anything else we get is a bonus, i would like your comments but this is what i think. I am not saying we should roll over in the other games but to me these are vital to us staying in the premiership i am trying to be realistic.

1.) 21 Feb 2020
21 Feb 2020 11:44:18
Not a chance mate not with moyes we won't we knew before he came he wasnt the right choice but the chuckle brothers new best not . We need new owners these two money grabing clowns will ruin us just like the did with brum .

2.) 21 Feb 2020
21 Feb 2020 13:40:28
I'm not bothered either way anymore. What I want to see is us playing our best 11 and the out of form orpoor performers dropped allowing youth to come through.

3.) 21 Feb 2020
21 Feb 2020 17:47:09
All I want to see is 11 players giving it there all, if we get beat then so be it but there has to be fight and spirit!
3 wins will see us stay up, the players need to now stand up and be counted.
Moyes is not accountable for this mess, is he the right man I don’t know but pellegrini wasted big money and let some good players go in the process!

4.) 22 Feb 2020
22 Feb 2020 00:08:04
Bonzo you have a short memory, if it wasnt for MOYES we would already be in the Championship.
Give him a chance mate
We all thought Pel would be a step up but him and his team were a disaster.

5.) 22 Feb 2020
22 Feb 2020 11:25:00
Damn right give the guy a chance.

6.) 22 Feb 2020
22 Feb 2020 12:14:42
I'm not sure we need 5 wins in the 6 you mention I'd say 3 and a draw. COYI.