26 May 2019 07:14:14
I still keep reading that Marega is joining West Ham?

{Ed002's Note - The answer remains "perhaps" as there is a great deal of interest from elsewhere.}

1.) 26 May 2019
26 May 2019 10:14:44
I really do think we should look at younger players from the championship Adams at Birmingham being one example the owners seem to be back to normal with the budget and all these foreign players seem to be way out of our league price wise until Sullivan and Gold go we will always be looking at old players free transfers,

2.) 26 May 2019
26 May 2019 12:20:55
King68, again I agree mate, to be honest I am sick to death of hearing all this stupid talk about this one then that one, all foreign which is fine, but are they bounty hunters as they know we pay stupid wages, sign a nice fat 3 year contract, can get homesick or maybe the family may not settle, may have trouble communicating? Seems almost as if MP and Husillos arenโ€™t interested in signing players already over here? I have absolutely no interest in speculation of foreign players๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Žโš’โš’โš’โš’.

3.) 26 May 2019
26 May 2019 13:12:02
Completely agree with you I hate to say it but the spurs model of buying young hungary players from the championship and in Ali's case no dons is what we should be doing forget players who are 30 and over and look to the future โš’โš’โš’.

4.) 26 May 2019
26 May 2019 14:49:27
I don't know any Hungary players in the championship.