23 Feb 2019 11:37:28
Another forward being looked at is Joelinton of Hoffenheim, he joins the list, apparently a couple of clubs trying to make a precontract deal for him IRONMIKE.

{Ed002's Note - He cannot sign a pre-contract - that is illegal.}

1.) 23 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 12:21:21
Best tell that to Newcastle not WH, they are on the job, but unlikely to get him IRONMIKE.

{Ed002's Note - Newcastle are not looking for a pre-contract with the player - that is illegal and they understand the rules whereas others clearly don't.}

2.) 23 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 18:00:37
Ramsay has a pre - contract?

{Ed002's Note - He does indeed.}

3.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 03:22:44
ITS the age of this striker principally, that prevents a precontract, BUT doesn’t stop an agreement;t in principle. IRONMIKE.

{Ed002's Note - Try and stop making stuff up MIke, it is really embarrassing.}

4.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 19:56:50
would that not be like tapping up a player?

5.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 20:30:32
by pre contract i presume mike means do a deal with hoffenheim where as the fee and deal with hoffenheim where we agree a price and then talk to said player about wages etc-get it all agreed before window opens-then opening day of window announce it it formally and all is legal, this is common place and happens regularly does it not.

{Ed002's Note - No, he doesn't know what he means and then is making stuff up about the age of the player. I don't know why you wish to drag this out - he simply does not understand the rules and constantly makes stuff up.}

6.) 25 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019 07:51:07
I don’t expect anyone on here to be an all-knowing guru.

Civil disagreement is a healthy thing, but why push it to be unsavoury?

I enjoy the debate, but not the pettiness.

7.) 25 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019 16:10:10
I have read this site continually for a while and if people pm here haven't worked out yet that It ironmike talks out of his arse most of the time and that ed002 is just trying to save you from getting your hopes up then you are just nieve
Ed002 keep calling him out he might go away again.

8.) 25 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019 18:35:04
I reckon it’s naive to call someone nieve (which, ironically, means closed hand or fist) .

9.) 25 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019 19:52:19
He's contracted until 2022 by all accounts so won't be signing a pre contract (which someone in last 6 months of their deal can do if moving abroad I believe) with anyone.

10.) 28 Feb 2019
28 Feb 2019 07:01:59
What’s the problem? It’s a rumour site, is there any need to start getting personal, it’s ridiculous, people of all ages read this to see how their team are doing or what they are doing and they read this, grow up for god sake, there’s no need to question what’s written to the point of causing an argument and to tell people to leave. It’s like a school play ground, people post and people read, if u really want to waste your time replying to cause arguments, or attack other people then do it somewhere else. Show a bit of respect, my nephew and his sister read this show site to see how there team are going and they read this it’s bad enough that they listen this sort a stuff at school, he said she said. It’s embarrassing. everytime mike posts Ed shoots him down like a bully or troll, it never used to happen but it’s all the time, good way to set an example.
Joke it is sort ya selves out.

11.) 28 Feb 2019
28 Feb 2019 18:31:28
Well said Whitby. All these people who keep slating people are so ridiculous who hide behind their computer. It goes to show how immature these people are (we know who they are. I won't post names as they never get posted) . If you don't like what someone says. then either don't read it . or go somewhere else. It's a shame that people resort to this. as Whitby says. mlots of young people will read this. show some respect. we like mike's posts. immature.

12.) 01 Mar 2019
01 Mar 2019 00:46:00
Whitby and Hammerdave I loudly applaud you both! Ed02 wrote a fantastic response to Warringtons question a couple of weeks ago that was informative and in depth and really appreciated but I feel their responses to Mike are unnecessarily harsh and unpleasant. Mike voluntarily offers information that is rumour, this is a rumour site. Both Ed02 and Mike have a place on it. Ironbax who has come on telling Ed to bully Mike off the site in my opinion should zip it .

13.) 01 Mar 2019
01 Mar 2019 06:05:54
Agree dab. I appreciate everyone's contribution on this site. whether that be accurate or not. At the ends of the day. it's a rumour site. nothing is guaranteed.

{Ed001's Note - but Mike is not claiming to be giving rumours, he is claiming to be giving legitimate information, then refusing to accept when any of it is not true and arguing and making nasty little digs at Ed002 that I have to delete. Mike has been doing this for years, passing on stuff that is patently not true and then getting all arsey when anyone points out that it is utter bull, which it is.

Perhaps if he would stop claiming it is all true and would accept when people who actually do have information point out that what he is saying is untrue, things would be a lot better.

I know you don't see what we delete, so you are only seeing a part of the conversation, but it is not one way, it is not Ed002 being a bully or a troll. I fail to see why anyone has a problem when false information is pointed out? Or do you just want to be fed patently false stories?}

14.) 01 Mar 2019
01 Mar 2019 17:38:31
Look . I think we should just let things be. There are worse things happening in the world. I understand your point ed and I can see that you care about the fans giving good info. I just think the way it's been handled has been poor. i'm sure everyone appreciates your input as it's always top notch. And the same goes for Mike. In my view you are both so valuable to the site and give us fans a great insight into what's happening with the club. we don't expect every post to be true but appreciate the effort you both make. Can everyone just move on from this and just show a bit of kindness.

15.) 02 Mar 2019
02 Mar 2019 10:55:06
Amen to that.

16.) 05 Mar 2019
05 Mar 2019 11:42:29
C'mon guys, this is generally a friendly site.
How about ED002, when something is written that is patently untrue, simply do not publish.
I get Mike meant a verbal agreement (we all know these are illegal - but have been going on for years with agents), I just googled and saw the lad had a contract to 2022 so wasn't possible to get a precontract.
Also, the player in question looks sh! te.

{Ed002's Note - Not about his age then? Why open this up again?}

17.) 06 Mar 2019
06 Mar 2019 13:41:51
Fair enough, always wait for your responses anyway - loved the insight into how transfer monies were paid and the info around how work permits are allocated, has been really useful in sifting through the junk.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks.}