22 Feb 2019 10:26:19
TEA PARTY gathering This weekend, to discuss ATALANTAS proposal of pre contract deal for Duvan . Zapata The Italians have a fixed option deal with Sampadoria ( 22 -5 m euro ) for Zapata who is currently at Atalanta on loan WH are being asked 40m euro with Sampadorias fee being payable on agreement the balance following season, nice quick profit for Atalanta WHILST Zapata is blowing hot at present. He would be. 28 on joining us, It's a quandry , and while I think he would do well for us, should we not be looking for players below 24, Gomez is now unlikely with. Barcelona about and it looks like we will be pursuing 3/ 4 forwards IRONMIKE.

1.) 22 Feb 2019
22 Feb 2019 17:02:44
He is Sampdoria's player though, innit? Only on loan at Atalanta.
So surely any pre-contract agreements would have to go through Sampdoria first and Atalanta second, right?

2.) 23 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 00:57:50
That’s exactly. What I have said in the post IRONMIKE.

3.) 23 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 10:26:28
I just find it strange that a club that doesn't own a player yet is initiating transfer discussions.
I know that clauses are the norm now where a loan player can be bought for a fixed price when the loan expires. I just didn't think the loaning club would be in a position to confidently put a player on the market that isn't even their player yet. It somehow feels weird.

4.) 23 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 11:01:58
May feel strange but that’s how it is, , I know that Husillos is very keen on this player, He is a proper forward no question. It’s his age and the amount we have to pay is one half of our standing budget ( pre sales ) , it’s a difficult call, if we take him maybe we will try to keep hold of Arnie, and look for a secondary younger striker to make three Three out three in, we have the wage caoacity no problem, with so many players ready for the exit door, IRONMIKE.

5.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 08:56:53
I suppose it depends on the type of player. If Zapata doesn’t rely solely on pace, it’s less of an issue. In any event he’s 28 on April 1st (! ) - surely he should have a good 4 years left at the top level.

Dolberg might well be a better option.

Anyone know anything about Chalov?

6.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 09:05:42
As for agreement between the clubs:

Because Atalanta can enforce the option to buy from Sampdoria, there would need to be an agreement between Atalanta and WH before Atalanta confirm they are pursuing their option to buy.

In effect, they are saying to WH, “If he becomes our player, will you commit to buying him from us? ”.

7.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 11:31:03
Correct. IRONMIKE.