11 May 2017 16:05:11
HI fellas, I am beginning to believe that DGS are ONCE agin taking over in the transfer market NOT letting the people appointed do their business, I understand that instead of following up on the offer for ARIAS 7m and contract of 45k weekly WH have just offered a 14m contract to Zabletta over three years, , Niw I have NOTHING against Zabletta, BUT c'mon he's 33 he's best days are past him and he's not going to improve now is he, meanwhile Arias is 25, and a contract to him might even have. A sell on profit, whilst Zabletta will walk away money down the chute WE WANT young players with sell on value NOT has beens looking for one last pay day, This is NOT the way forward mark my words IRONMIKE.

1.) 11 May 2017
11 May 2017 17:03:27
IRONMIKE I'm with you -as you always speak a lot of sense and might I say it's from the heart with an obvious love of West Ham United . I feel that clubs like Southampton are run very professionally and I am not sure that is true of our club. Surely decisions have to be made -as far as possible -with a view to longer objectives. David Sullivan was aiming at champions league in 7 years when the takeover happened in 2010 and then proceeded to appoint Abram Grant - a manager who nobody in football would champion. Whilst we all make mistakes surely we have to learn from them as is the gist of your post. I also feel that when such decisions are made they are explained to us as supporters.

2.) 11 May 2017
11 May 2017 19:09:14
This is an absolute joke Ironmike and hypocrisy and it's highest didn't Gold say about Defoe no sell on fee. so what's the point of buying him

Once again a laughing stock especially as our budget will be not so great as you explained pair of clowns playing fantasy football with the club, the sooner they sell the quicker the better, does not DB have any day in this or is he a yes man?

3.) 11 May 2017
11 May 2017 20:15:11
Wouldnt mind us looking as sisto again I know he's gone to celta viga but looks good so does aspas too!

4.) 11 May 2017
11 May 2017 21:51:14
HI fellas, YES, I don't get it at all, LOOK Spurs wasted 55m combined on Sissok and Jansen, BUT they have plenty of money we don't that would be virtually our whole budget, Even IF Zabletta takes a two year contract for 10m He then walks afterwards money down the. chute who wants him at 34/ 35 years old Arias or a younger player will have potentially still big value, you can get most if not all of your money back, and still have two or three years left in the contract Is it me or perhaps I'm going barmy, this is the economics of the madhouse, DGS need a new economics advisor let alone scouts, to find players, IRONMIKE.

5.) 11 May 2017
11 May 2017 22:09:34
14m over 3 years for a 33 year old I hope your wrong about this one mike unfortunately your info is spot on. I think the daves are going abit senile.

6.) 12 May 2017
12 May 2017 07:50:50
WHat a joke from a pair of clowns. Did we expect any less, really?

7.) 12 May 2017
12 May 2017 10:23:18
Chaps I posted yesterday to mike comments concerning the board offering Zabeletta this kind of money for his age, I called them a couple of clowns for doing this, . I will hold my hand up as I being Hypocritical. I would offer Defoe the same amount and I think his older, my only defensive is Defoe would be the difference in winning or drawing / losing as he scores goals.

8.) 12 May 2017
12 May 2017 13:35:46
If we get defoe back should we get Ince in as a coach because it's exactly the same lol.

9.) 15 May 2017
15 May 2017 14:56:29
We need to stop looking at players coming to the end of their career and on top wages and just looking for retirement money ARBELOA and fonte spring to mind.