08 May 2017 18:04:24
HI fellas, IRONMIKES proposals, for the team obviously we all have differing ideas, BUT these are mine, THERE is a meeting tomorrow to discuss where we are, broadly whom are we looking at and whowill join the chopping list, whom we can afford, who is likely to, be available, , who will NOT be coming to WH etc etc, and PRINCIPALLY the type and style of football we want to go for next season, FIRST thing I would do is extend contracts for two players COLLINS and ADRIAN, NEXT start with GKS, from what I Understand it's UNLIKELY that the following players would join us HART, HEATON and PICKFORD, for differing reasons, therefore. I would go for BEGOVIC, we may be able to secure him for 8m, he and Adrian would provide good competition for that position, LB is fine with Cresswell and Masuaku, CB with Ohbonna returning, and an extension for Collins we have four CBS of decent calibre, with Rice Oxford and Burke in the wings, I see no Immediate reason to splash the cash in this position, and IF we did I would go for KARA from Anderlecht 6m RB With Byram coming on we need one player now, I personally would try to get SANTIAGO ARIAS! There are many calls for this position, with Malcuit and Zabletta the obvious alternatives, BUT I prefer younger people 8m MIDDLE of the park we have Kouyate Noble and Obiang, and the youngster Josh Cullen coming on BUT I would make a big effort to get SIGURDSON, it's UNLIKELY he will come, BUT it's worth a try 25m UP FRONT we have Antonio Ayew Lanzini and probably Carroll, DEFOE IS UNLIKELY to come to WH despite all the posturing unfinished business etc, For me we must go for IHEANACHO even if we can only get a loan Man City Just might be tempted to sell at 20m I would also go for PEREZ from Arsenal 12m OK money spent that was easy, no doubt that quinas and Martinez the youngsters are going to get a look in somewhere, so I would leave iit there, IRONMIKE.

1.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 20:27:36
Are we taking a serious look at iheanacho would be a great signing. What's the chances you think we would actually move for him?

2.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 20:48:47
I think we will go for him! It's a possibility because the player wants to get on the field, with limited time only at city, IRONMIKE.

3.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 21:31:00
Sounds promising hope we can pull it off. these are the type of players I think we should go for young huge potential. He's definitely good enough to lead the line for us he could really grow with our club.

4.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 22:24:14
We are going to have another miserable summer transfer window. Its clicked that they don't trust Bilic with the transfer budget and hence a rubbish window last year and hence I suggest its same again coming up.

They are hoping he'll walk so they don't have to payout compensation. They'll let him carry on into the next season and if we are in relegation danger sack, smaller compensation and bring in whoever they have been wooing all this time, and a massive cash budget to spend at Xmas to ensure we don't go down. If Bilic goes of his own accord (Fenerbache? ) sooner, it will suit Sully agenda better.

5.) 09 May 2017
08 May 2017 23:59:07
Surely the amount of money it would cost to sack bilic would dwarf in comparison to how much it would cost to go through all that.

6.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 09:26:04
Ironmike, thanks for the comments as usual, looking at the squad with the youngsters added, I feel as you said a RB and GK is needed, although Snodgrass has not started well maybe as part of a squad it may be worth keeping him although I not sure if his salary would warrant that. saying that if we could get Sigurdson we could off load Snodgrass to help with the sale, but as you said its very much a doubt he would want to come

I think SB has wasted a golden opportunity of not giving young Fletcher more game time this season, we still unsure what he can do and would have loved to see him bedded in more, I personally would go all out and get Defoe, he will guarantee goals, I know his age is of a concern but the quicker we get safe next season the more time we can have getting the youngsters in and playing experience for the season after,

I personally do not think we have any chance of Europe next season so would use that as a bedding in time and stepping stone for the younger up and coming players, We all did get carried away in SB first season and this season has proved excalty where we are, we can never compete at the moment financially with the top 6, so why not build for a couple season gradually bringing in the young players

My other concern is I feel we need pace, Antonio is quick but really attack wise that's about it, pace IMO scares defenders and the more pace in the side the better. does anyone agree?

7.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 10:16:45
i read that man city may try use inheacho in a part of a deal to get aubamayang.

8.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 17:37:08
Inheacho will surely atract he attention of bigger clubs than us.

9.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 21:14:05
Been thinking that too robbo but never know depends on what the lad wants get in there early with a decent bid and the chance to play regular football in the premier league for one of the best supported clubs in the county.

10.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 22:36:16
Good shouts Mike. If we can get sigurdsson and ianacho as our main major signings, then get a begovic and solid rb I'd be happy with that. Players of a good age and improvement on what we have.