14 Mar 2017 11:50:35
We're being heavily linked with Mandzukic but so are Besiktas. what's the betting we end up with a striker from Besiktas and Mandzukic goes to them. edin dzeko would be another shout IF Roma would sell. Give them Feghouli and some cash if necessary and they give us Dzeko (Never going to happen but having seen some of our business worth a cheeky shout)

1.) 14 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017 12:39:06
I cannot see Mandzukic or Dzeko or anyone remotely like those players joining West Ham and even still, look at the players they have feeding them. We have an underperforming Noble, Cresswell, Ayew and Snodgrass. Along side a hot and cold Lanzini and no RB to hit the wings. The problem at our club doesn't sit with the striker situation alone I can tell you that for free.

2.) 14 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017 18:37:04
I totally agree with you steveniron. Furious West ham fans have vented their anger and frustration at David Golds most recent post where he is stating we are still aiming for 8th!

The finger is being pointed firmly at the board and the manager for poor summer recruitment (again) and poor player selection and tactics.

Its time we got someone who is willing to shake this organisation up. We seem to be strolling through the rest of the season and players already looked resigned to the fact that we have nothing left to play for and have holiday heads on. We say this every year, but its time to clear our the players who aren't either in future plans or are not performing!

For gods sake, how long have we all been ranting about the RB position and the form of noble for instance. Because of his own ego and stubborn ness we have players played out of position which is having detrimental effect on the squad. Why send Martinez out on loan when we QUITE CLEARLY were short of strikers. Ayew was in Africa. Carroll and Sakho injured so we played Antonio.

Why are we constantly moving players around to fit positions they are not used to. In TURKEY it might work, but it won't in the premier league against world class forwards and wingers. ITS A JOKE AND ENOUGH is ENOUGH.