18 Jan 2017 17:35:28
Hi fellas, Long way from home, BUT I understand meeting took place today IN FRANCE re PAYET, without conclusion, WH sticking to their price at present, PSG definitely in the background for later this year, EXPECT a new bid for snodgrass imminent, WH don't think that Marseille have the money to buy PAYET at their price that is the thinking at present, MAYBE ED 02, has his thoughts on this particular subject of OM funds, BUT WH thinking is they are NOt FLUSH, so will NOT make the bid they want? IRONMIKE

1.) 18 Jan 2017
18 Jan 2017 18:16:10
Thanks Mike, anything on hogan or any incoming for that matter

{Ed002's Note - In answer to Mike, Marseille has no shortage of money and have a number of players that they are working on right now - it is quite, quite astonishing that West Ham think they have no money. They actually had a meeting in London today about another player. It seems that the WHU fans actually have no interest in what has happened and what is happening with Payet otherwise I would have provided details. But I have no intention of doing so any longer.}