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28 Aug 2018 22:37:50
Descision day Coming up, For Oxford on his way to Eibar, sticking point is the amount on option to buy WH are at 3 m Eibar want to pay less than 2 m let's see IRONMIKE.

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26 Aug 2018 11:54:47
Much better yesterday but we've got to learn to take our chances better Snodgrass guilty of poor final balls either shots or passes and Wellbeck had so much time for the 3rd goal it beggered belief in the poor defence showed again At least in the past you would see Reid an Collins throw themselves onto blocks that doesn't seem to be happening any more

It will be interesting to see the squad for the Wimbledon game.

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26 aug 2018 16:29:24
the third goal was irrelevant as the fame was stretched as we were going for it but 1 thing is really bugoing me at the minute and that's the masuaku thing as the whole whufc fan base can see he ain't a l/ b even moyes worked that out i would rather ogbonna there as he's left footed quick enough and stronger in the air and more defense minded so come on mp do the right thing and releave him of his pain at l/ b and also how good did wolvessel look yesterday not going to be easy.

27 Aug 2018 10:51:42
For all our complaints Sanchez did well in midfield. i'd like to see him and ogbonna together and If we can now sort the defence we might be on to something.

27 Aug 2018 11:33:02
Snodgrass had a good input in the game but he is not clinical enough, hope to see an improvement. Feel for Masuaku, the guy is quality down that wing, with his pace and skill, but being stunted by playing him in a position, LB, that is not his strength. Anderson in that central role blossomed, he played with more freedom and the class showed, great assist for Arnautovic's goal.

The defensive play of the team, although much better, is still much work in progress, looking fragile when caught on the counter attack. Sanchez I thought done okay in his first game, made some good blocks, has good positional sense, but still think Pellegrini should have targeted a top notch CDM in the window. I know its all about priorities and finances available but the CDM and LB positions have been long standing issues.

Hope to see a comfortable win against Wimbledon, restore some confidence in the side going into the match against Wolves who did play well against Man Cty . If the team can show the quality they well have for the full 90mins and be more clinical in front of goal then they should get the 3 points.

22 Aug 2018 16:12:01
I don't really care what we do but MP has to have seen what a sham our defence and midfield is and has to be making changes. NOBLE has had it in the premier league and sentimentality has no place and cannot be carried by any team. His time has come and gone much like his legs. A dedicated servant who I am afraid must see out his days in a lower league. Unfortunately the same has to be said for Zabaletta who has also now seen the best days of his career behind him. Their is no room or the time and luxury to carry players anymore and therefore its time to be ruthless and drop to the reserves those we cannot get rid of. Hindsight is a fine thing, but we HAD to get at least one CDM in the transfer window and we didn't. The defence looks vulnerable when players run at us and there is no tackling from anyone. TIME FOR CHANGE and don't spare the tears.

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22 Aug 2018 18:48:24
Technically not a rumour?

Definitely a fact


23 Aug 2018 01:20:40
your absolutely bang on phil I've been saying this for a couple of seasons regarding NOBLE mate and been told he's top of the stats in everything he does which is very little and if he starts saturday then the worlds gone mad i mean MP has, the NOBLE lovers phil i seen haven't commented for a week or two gone to eat some pie with a humble filling imo he was finished in hippos tenure and while it was great signing the flair players i was always concerned about not filling the midfield we have been crying out for two athletes in cm who can also play football when i stated you needed PACE in midfield a few people piped up and said PIRLO wasnt quick but they was missing the point i wasnt on about pace to go by people but merely saying to get up and down the pitch which NOBLE hasn't got and has never had PHIL i am truly grateful what's he's done for west ham helping us win em nothing but give 100% which if someone paid me 50,000 a week that's the least you should do at least DICK TURPIN wore a mask, my mate got 5 years for fraud NOBLE hasn't been sentenced yet but if he pleads not guilty hope he gets away with it like he has for the past 3 years but enough of my immaturity people but i will feel for DIOP if he's pitched in against ARSENAL but that's what he's paid good money for anyway i'd bring back FREDERICKS ANTONIO AND RICE to the matchday squad and drop NOBLE and SNODGRASS from it alltogether my team would be a 4-1-3-2 as follows FABIANSKI, FREDERICKS, BALBUENA, DIOP, OGBONNA, OBIANG, ANDERSON, WILSHIRE, YARMOLENKO, ARNAUTOVIC, ANTONIO what's your views phil. COYI.

23 Aug 2018 08:22:51
Couldn't agree more buddy. For too long players have been carried in this team based on who they are and not how they perform and its become comfortable for them to collect £50k a week and not be able to perform at the level required. I've not been convinced with the way any of the defenders have started this season so I'd shake it all up. Maybe start with a back 3? MP knows what he is doing so I have faith in him but not in some of the players. AC is another along for the nice fat easy cheque he can get and he should be on his way also. Bring in Holland and Fredericks on the right. I'd also drop Antonio who is like a headless chicken and start Perez on the right, Matsuaku is another liability and the sooner we get cresswell back the better. Clearly in the next window we need CDM and a left back. All in all, things have to change and NOW.

23 Aug 2018 11:21:17
I wonder how much better our defenders would look with a quality CDM or two in front of them. Aside from the Callum Wilson goal that really was just comic from all involved our defence is overworked due to a lack of CDM.

23 Aug 2018 12:36:40
YEP, agreed again but we were linked with about 50 of them during the window and we didn't take advantage of it. Perhaps IRONMIKE can shed some light as to why not when it was a glaring need after losing KOUYATE (No great loss there)

25 Aug 2018 21:56:51
Not long been back just watched the game it's going to take DIOP AND BALBUENA TIME to gel but we have to stick with them because they will be ok when they've adapted to life in premier league trust me i'm very optimistic. COYI.

26 Aug 2018 11:51:39
I see Thomas REPKA has been given a stay at HMP in the CZECH REPUBLIC for bashing his Porn star wife I wonder did Sully aquire her for him as part of the deal to sign him given his connections in the industry but we need fighting qualitys but hitting a women is the lowest of the low and he was lucky to just get that he should have got 10 years.

17 Aug 2018 11:39:54
Anyone know when the legal case is regarding increasing seating capacity?

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17 Aug 2018 14:15:48
It wa# going to be soon, but it’s now looking like October. IRONMIKE.

18 Aug 2018 17:13:19
Dear oh dear seems like last year all over again defence non existant gona be a long season all.

18 Aug 2018 17:42:48
Even when we were winning our defence looked dodgy
6 goals conceded in 2 games and not scored
from open play
We were so slow in midfield it got embarrassing
It all seemed so positive even snodgrass
seemed half decent with his corners
Noble and Wilshere looked dead on there
feet after 55 mins
3 defenders around Wilson and he strolled
through them far too easy.

19 Aug 2018 08:46:53
Hi guys

Not good yesterday, we have got to get Noble out of the team. He has not been good for a couple of years now and as much as he is West Ham we can not afford to be sentimental!
I thought Balbuena would be a bargain but but so far he looks slow and off the pace, why are we not using Diop?
Here is my team for Arsenal:

Oxford (sitting in front of back four)
Hernandez/ Antonio

Let’s start using Oxford, let’s us see what he can do and let him progress. Tired of hearing his potential.
Tough few games coming up and if we keep defending high we are going to get slaughtered, need to get points on the board sharpish otherwise it is going to be a long season.

19 Aug 2018 13:02:16
Like your line up Bobby but not so sure about Oxford what I saw of Sanchez yesterday for the short time he was on the pitch looks good and he was moving forward all the time reminded me of a bit like Alex Song in his first season for us.

Although Fabianski made some good saves thought he could have done better for the Wilson goal the ball went through his legs I've always liked Adrian and can't see much difference between him and Fabs. Wouldn't be surprised if a Spanish side came in for him before the end of the Window.

19 Aug 2018 14:13:58
Cannot continue with noble and Wilshere in same team, we need legs in the middle of the park. We will continue to get overrun in the middle and leave the defence exposed, rice does not have enough pace to break up play and his better position will be centre half, I would like to see Diop and Rice as our preferred option in next few months. I like Pellegrini but I am fearful that we will continue to leak goals playing high up.

19 Aug 2018 16:00:47
I feel we need to sort out defence and centre
midfield as a priority and go back to basics

Cresswell and zabaleta as fullbacks
Then 2 from ogbonna Diop and Balbuena
and possibly all 3 but think Pellegrini will want to
only play 2 of them
Sanchez as holding midfielder wif Wilshere
Then arnie on left, Yarmolenko on right
and Anderson playing the 10 behind Pérez.

19 Aug 2018 16:00:56
I agree Bobby. Our midfield was far too stretched, I think we need obiang in there with Wilshire and one other. I don't think the players we have in that position are fit and agile enough to play as a 2. We need to sacrifice an attacking player to give us that extra body in the middle of the park. I think obiang with rice and let Wilshire be the one with a little more freedom to support the front 3, otherwise the way we expose our defence is going to see us get battered every week. pretty much like last year.

20 Aug 2018 11:41:50
cheers Mike, hope it goes well -.

21 Aug 2018 00:51:07
Hiya Bobby your surname wouldn't be Cole would it if so I know you?

21 Aug 2018 18:15:10
Hi Bobby couldn’t help but notice that you say ‘why aren’t we playing diop’ then don’t include in your starting XI!

22 Aug 2018 19:18:12
Simply because I think Rice and Ogbonna paired up well toward the end of last season, at this time we need to shore up as much as we can.
I would like to see Diop come in but just get a few points on the board and gain confidence.

25 Aug 2018 21:45:03
Not the result but what a massive improvement especially ANDERSON and our midfield without NOBLE exactly what I've said for the past three seasons he ain't good enough and thank you mark but that for me is your last start injury aside for west ham when will MP get that MASAUKU can't defend I actually feel sorry for him surely someone will tell MP Masuaku was converted into a left mid I understand CRESSWELL ain't fit but OGBONNA would do a better job there than MASUAKU but for me we caused arsenal as many problems as we have every done in previous seasons. COYI.

{Ed0333's Note - I think Anderson is an astute buy for you guys. I like Yarmalenko also, I think when he gets match fit he’ll become a crowd favorite.

26 Aug 2018 16:31:35
Totally agree Ed spot on as normal mate.

{Ed0333's Note - why thankyou my good man. I think it was always gonna be a big ask with so many new players and having them fuse immediately. If you get two gems from those brought in I’m sure you’d take that. I’m sure your aware it’s gonna be long season and one which I’m not sure your manager will survive.

31 Aug 2018 17:01:45
Cheers ed exactly my thoughts mate.

{Ed0333's Note - I think you need a young, hungry manager with a 3-5 year blueprint. I’m really not sure how throwing money at Pellegrini who clearly is not gonna be the there long term and giving him a sizable war chest is going to be positive. Your owners are an absolute joke and have no idea about football. Conversely I would have made Rafa Benitez a financial offer he could not have refused with 3 year contract and he would have got you challenging for European places. In order for your club to evolve you need those two morons to step aside.

17 Aug 2018 10:29:54
Any chance we might go for Claudio Marchisio Mike?

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17 Aug 2018 14:18:19
Although some have said differently I understand. We cannot sign anybody no matter what there standing is until January 1st although obviously we can conclude a deal anytime but not officially until. 1#1# 19. IRONMIKE.

16 Aug 2018 15:34:22
Milan now talking to Macia, to stop him going to WH. IRONMIKE.

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15 Aug 2018 18:00:39
Latest MR Carroll hopping about with kids today, not back until mid October? And MP house hunting in Loughton area, looking to rent not buy Hmmm. IRONMIKE.

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15 Aug 2018 23:36:33
We can still sign TOUREHAS as he's a free agent MIKE is this true if it is then I'd be all over it he's 2/ 1 favourite to join us if nobody's familiar with odds that's quite short I'm amazed he hasn't been snapped up as the last few times he played for the citezens he was class still get him in if his wages are sensible that's the problem he's a greedy one can't have your cake and eat it 😥😥😥 sorry couldn't resist. COYI.

15 Aug 2018 23:40:24
Is if true Mike we are trying g to get EDUARDO MACIEA to work alongside HULIOS.? COYI.

16 Aug 2018 14:59:42
window shut guys to frees as well . only players can out.

16 Aug 2018 19:04:42
It ain't you can still sign players without clubs costa.

16 Aug 2018 20:29:47
It will be getting crowded in the office mike with both in there lol 2 heads mayby but is there 2 chairs? Lol.

17 Aug 2018 08:36:25
Nuts66. we can´t pal . new rules no free agents either after deadline day! . look it up. i think its wrong and i´m sure its against some form of employee law but heh ho that's the have we´re dealt!

17 Aug 2018 10:41:50
Look it up where? Where I looked it said free agents are allowed.

17 Aug 2018 16:21:44
Premier League clubs won't be able to sign out-of-contract players until January.
Football League clubs have until the end of August to sign up free agents.
In years gone by, clubs were able to sign free agents at any point, but clubs under orders to submit their 25-man squads, this is no longer permitted.

Football League clubs can sign loanees and free agents until 31 August not Premier league clubs!



18 Aug 2018 04:26:25
Doesn’t mention the free agents? As per below I found a site that says you can take free agents but can’t post the link?

18 Aug 2018 09:45:17
ok, how about:


18 Aug 2018 21:28:21
I've looked it up regarding free transfers as long as the players contract had finished by the time the window shuts and the player is then a unrestricted free agent and is then allowed to sign for any club any where basically a MARTINI player anytime anywhere lol I think I'm right people. COYI.

18 Aug 2018 22:35:46
I don´t agree but he ho! . some people are saying we can sign them but can´t play them until Jan 2019.first of all what club in their right mind would agree to have a 50k+ or even higher salaried player in the wings for 5 half odd months and not be able to play them! . no club would do that!

And basically that's a Jan signing that you've paid nearly half of a year salary too! . don´t get that. The teams priorities may change in those months i mean you might not need that player and perhaps need a different style player. makes no sense!

19 Aug 2018 00:41:41
I think you can, others think you can’t, doesn’t really matter as unless there is a great defender or CDM waiting to come play for us that is out of contract, isn’t really going to help anyway. The way we played bothers me more than the result, and all the possession football in the world if it ever does work isn't going to make up for an average forward beating 5 defenders and putting it through the keepers legs.

15 Aug 2018 17:31:11
More talk has surfaced about going after Yaya Toure who is available, any truth in this?

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15 Aug 2018 17:57:40
New rules state we cannot even now take frees until January IRONMIKE.

15 Aug 2018 23:37:15
He hasn't got a club mike does that change things?

16 Aug 2018 00:37:00
I read free agents are still allowed if they were a free agent when the window closed. Would be unreasonable for a player not to be allowed to play football or earn a living for 6 months.

16 Aug 2018 15:30:13
No signings at all possible under new rules Macia was original target but now we have Husillos it’s still possible if course if it’s affordable under the two heads are better than one. , IRONMIKE.

17 Aug 2018 05:51:47
This is on the news sites: They can. Normal rules apply with free agents who can be signed after the close of the transfer window. However, the player would have to have been out of contract before the close of the Premier League window

If that isn’t right where are the rules published?

17 Aug 2018 14:20:48
It’s a slightly grey area hence the rush Everton undertook with Bernard and Palace with Meyer. IRONMIKE.

18 Aug 2018 22:21:29
That's what I've read SDL unless what we are reading is old rules but nothing stating it says free agents can't be signed as long as they haven't got a contract up to the windie shutting.

14 Aug 2018 15:08:19
What is happening with Martinez, he's gone out on a season loan, but he's only got a year left on his contract?

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15 Aug 2018 10:45:26
He’s just not good enough he will be released IRONMIKE.

11 Aug 2018 11:35:54
WHO was the ONE player with whom we were associated that YOU think we should have bought? IRONMIKE.

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11 Aug 2018 12:25:23
Maia - CDM steel.

11 Aug 2018 16:45:13
Maxi Gomez.

11 Aug 2018 21:24:02
without a shadow of doubt imo oh no I've got 2 lol 1.MAXI LOPEZ,2.ANDRE GOMES the latter i thi k will be a sensational loan but will be priced out of a move with how well he does and the former has massive potential but a move for him now will imo be a yesr to soon. COYI.

12 Aug 2018 08:49:22
100% Seri.

12 Aug 2018 13:03:18
I agree Costa seri was the one he looked great yesterday got a bit of Kanye bout him.

12 Aug 2018 14:21:49
This just emphasises what i meant about legs in midfield we just ain't quick enough to close them down in midfield and i ain't singling out players but noble and rice are runni g round in circles no where near their midfield the only thing i will say is LIVERPOOL are awesome and will imo push CITY all the way this season.

12 Aug 2018 14:58:10
Given today’s effort any decent CDM, CD or LB - wasted too much on wide players and left the CDM role too late in the window.

12 Aug 2018 15:04:14
Liverpool are very very good but every time we get possession in midfield they foul us they break up our play by fouling. COYI.

12 Aug 2018 15:39:20
If LIVERPOOL don't win or come close to winning the league i'd be staggered they are one of the best teams I've ever seen in the premier league. COYI.

12 Aug 2018 15:50:52
Agreed but that’s no excuse for me Liverpool streets ahead of us but we do not need to gift them two goals with crap tactics appalling. IRONMIKE.

12 Aug 2018 15:52:06
We clearly need legs in midfield. Noble is to slow I liked ceri and with maia.

12 Aug 2018 15:52:44
Who told matsuaku he could play left back. he was crap.

12 Aug 2018 15:53:40
Normal service resumed
We concede lots
Liverpool score legs
And we are too slow in midfield.

13 Aug 2018 10:33:21
Lets face it Liverpool are a gt side. Matsuaku can't defend he's ok going forward but his first job is to defend. Mark N. was the only one in Mid/ F. Declan had a shocker but it did outline that we need a DMF person which i'm sure MP knows. We won't come up against the likes of Liverpool every week They were awesome a lot of teams will be overrun by Livepool this season we were the first but not the last.

13 Aug 2018 11:38:02
MASUAKU at LB is painful to watch!

13 Aug 2018 11:56:26
He ain't a left back he's a left winger which MOYEStransformed him into i said fir ages he can't defend and cresswell ain't much better we need a new left back.

13 Aug 2018 15:23:24
Nothing changes we lost 4-0 on the opening game last year and we have to get on with it until january when if there is money left we need to spend between €50-70 million on two C/ M one CDM and one C/ M if we can all see on this site why oh why ca t peoole earning £5million a year NOBLE wasnt solely to blame or RICE because he was asked to play a position against a top team it wasnt the time to experiment a d like ED said LIVERPOOL struggle when teams sit deep with 2 banks of four and why people would have said we set up for a draw no it would have been not to dent confidence by getting spanked which we did and it was akarming to me at tha press conference that MP said we had clear cut chances to level at 1-1 listen MP we were massively beaten and although we were outckassed the tatics were totally wrong its easy after the horse has bolted but come on play a high line against pace from every direction against MANE SAKAH FIRMINO WJNALDUM i bet BALBUENA must have thought he was at a rave with so many people flying about on class A's lol bet it was the first game against imo premier league winners. COYI.

17 Aug 2018 14:22:26
I agree and disagree Worya. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I think pellegrini did the right thing vs Liverpool IMO. Yes it was risky and a defensive setup COULD have done better, but it could have still BEEN a 3-0 loss such is the quality of Liverpool. MP is trying to CHANGE the mentality of our players tho and install HIS style of play which demands positive mentality to go out and beat all teams. He needs to play HIS tactics now as much as possible so the players adapt to it and get better at it. Hopefully MP and the players all learnt where they are with the new style and can improve. Better do this vs a team were 14/ 1 to beat than league table rival. A defensive approach would not have helped the transition that MP is trying to undertake IMO
I am sure the centre of midfield is top priority for next summer, and we can spend money on TOP players in that area.


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