10 Mar 2019 10:24:39
Refereeing in PL was terrible this weekend, decisions that could have impacts on the run in at top and bottom of table. These were all CLEAR mistakes and nothing was made of it on MOTD about the possible impact of these poor decisions on the end of season finishing positions, if ever a reason for VAR.
1. Sissoko of Spurs got away with a yellow when arguably VAR shows he could have had 2 red cards. first for raking down the back of Redmonds achillies and second for an obvious headbutt attempt. Walker-Peiters should have also seen red as he was last man. These red cards could have impacted the battle for 4th a huge amount with both player missing a lot of games in the run in.
2.Vertongen high foot was a pen for Saints. Fortunately Saints won but this could easily have been the difference in their relegation battle were it not for a great free kick.
3.Sterlngs first goal was clear offside. Big if here, but IF it wasnt given the game could have been 0-0 giving Liverpool a chance to go top on Sunday. Watford collapsed after this decision.
4.Brighton got a huge win in their relegation battle via a goal from Knockart, who should have been off after 30 seconds. This is a HUGE gain for Brighton as not only would they have not got 3 points on the teams around them but they would miss a key player for 3 games (a third) of thier run in.

1.) 12 Mar 2019
12 Mar 2019 03:12:26
Be careful what you wish for, VAR has beeen in Australia for two seasons and it makes mistakes sometimes worse than the error on the pitch. One match a team was awarded a free-kick just outside the area when a player clearly dived. The VAR looked at it and instead of reversing it they instead looked at where it happened and after the delay the ref gave a penalty for what was an obvious dive. Last years final was marred by non decision on the goal that won the title. It has gotten as much wrong as it has fixed. Search a-league VAR controversies or similar and watch some videos.