09 Mar 2019 18:55:51
well my optimism finished moments after kick off - we were shocking today - toothless up front and no creativity today- Diop was awesome and Rice never stopped working, Fab made some important stops and Cardiff could easily had 4 or 5 - the rest well! very poor.

1.) 10 Mar 2019
10 Mar 2019 08:10:20
WHUWALES, 😂 That’s the joy coupled with the frustration of being a ⚒ fan👍We get all optimistic when a Good run is put together thinking we are on the up, then get shot down by the the teams that we least expect to! I think we have to many damp squibs that have been recruited in desperation to make up the numbers that have a bad attitude sitting to comfortably! When I see the ridiculous foreign names linked with us that will offered huge wages to tempt them, then I look at the likes of Glen Murray at Brighton, Ashley Barnes, Burnley, Troy Deeney, Watford, give me the likes of that type of genuine gutsy home players that are dedicated and can still put in a good shift, unlike some of our divas!

2.) 10 Mar 2019
10 Mar 2019 10:04:12
i think the "big team" mentality is still developing, problem is, the players havnt quite got to what that really means yet. The mentality is developing, we can see that against some teams we play and the way we play, however, a true big team (a winning team) does not go to games away from home to relegation teams expecting to win. This mentality needs to get through to us fans as well, i only saw comments on websites from fans saying we were going to and should win, i am also guilty of expecting us to score a win easily. In truth, Cardiff are a very hard team to beat at home, and they defended well. tactically, MP should have got us to be more direct when arnie came on. Cardiff organised themselves well and forced us to play sideways all the time, so our approach needed to test them in different ways.
On Chicas dive, well its a yellow and i want it out of the game. However, i see no difference in what he did and what Townsend did to get their pen this weekend. they BOTH went down before contact, expecting the contact to come, which by definition is a dive. The difference is the defender, Chica did not get the contact and subsequently did not appeal for a pen, but nor did he argue the yellow as he knows its a dive. Players do this all the time, it only becomes talking point when the defender manages to avoid contact last split second.

3.) 10 Mar 2019
10 Mar 2019 10:13:12
Awful game missed the first 5 minutes so didn't see how we started but sounded bad.

I think Cardiff did everything in their power to disrupt that game players going down every 5-10 minutes we couldn't really get a rhythm going. They worked hard pressing and getting men behind the ball while defending, boring game but they are fighting for survival so can't blame them for their efforts.

We can put this right Huddersfield at home followed by Everton. Then we have Chelsea and man u and we have performed well against the bigger teams so maybe we are still in with a shout of 7th certainly not worth giving up on.

Hernadez dropped for arnautovic next game. Would like to see Antonio and Nasri back in the side but at the expense of who?