30 Jan 2019 14:48:58
sky sports news still going with the maxi gomez is about to join west ham story.

1.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 15:47:08
Lovely, well the player best hurry along he was training with Celta today and I am told left this afternoon and not cleared his gear or said goodbyes I’m sure the deal will be ( if made ) that he comes in summer. Celta want his goals to get out of Relegation trouble Quite understood then you must ask yourself, WHY ON EARTH would the biggest deal in WH history need to go to the last day of window, it just doesn’t add up, not to me anyway, ALSO we have no money preparation for this kind of purchase unless. DGS are going to loan The funds on a temporary basis. SO lots of ifs and buts here YES from Vigo he could get to Rush green in three hours via Stapleford Abbots BUT I just don’t see it. Hope I’m wrong IRONMIKE.

2.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 18:10:29
Any more news on lobotka.

3.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 19:44:01
We've got a cheek trying to buy a player worth that sort of transfer fee with our performances since the arsenal win so me a favour we will sell either CHIQUARITO and PEREZ or both of them leaving us woefully short up front but we have got ARNIE Billy the fish and many positions Antonio to play up top and I will tell you why because our season is over already as we are safe and are never going to challenge for silverware so its rebuilding to avoid relegation next year already and I'm sick to death of it year in year out and I for one and going to make ludicrous statements about challenging top four clubs as I'm living in the real world and having to graft for a living. COYI.