27 Jan 2019 16:15:40
I have not posted anything since Pelligrini was appointed and we had that poor start to the season. I backed him then and I definitely feel he must be shocked by our display and who turned up to play! I still think we have a good manager and he will get rid of the players he inherited and are passed their sell by date. The sooner the better, but let's face it, it's player power that is the problem. Arnie might stay with an improved contract, but we need a few more genuine players coming through like Declan to build a solid foundation of a team.
It could take some time, and those not putting in a shift should be made to move on ASAP. For a first season, being mid table is not that bad. I get the feeling six or more players will be gone very soon.

1.) 27 Jan 2019
27 Jan 2019 18:00:06
Great post Steve, agree with all of it.
Don't leave it so long to post next time :-)

2.) 27 Jan 2019
27 Jan 2019 18:18:36
Carroll, Hernandez, Perez, obiang, ogbonna, Adrian, there's 6 for us plus Oxford, hugill, Martinez, habsankovic, masuaku all could go too.

3.) 27 Jan 2019
27 Jan 2019 18:49:50
Looks like a reasonable clear out to me.