10 Jan 2019 16:35:03
Arnie's brother says he wants to leave. What is everyone's opinion?
If he wants to take the money and go to China, how easy is it to replace him?

1.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 17:36:48
I thought Arnie wanted to have the challenge of playing in the champions league but obviously not, it's all about money because what's he going to win in China a f**king pot noodle and a king prawn, if they offer £50 then f**king get rid, money grabbing tossers!

2.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 19:53:09
Remember how much we spent on him and then factor in the 20% sell on clause we would need to pay Stoke. Where would the cash come from to buy a replacement half as good?

3.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 19:59:41
His brothers a cheeky mothers c--t we bought him for peanuts oh right we will be making a 15 million pound profit wow the only one trying to make a profit is him 2 bob prick we bought him and made him the player he's become if he wants to go let him but rinse every yen they can get and I mean every yen we are in pole position not them two . COYI.

4.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 22:06:35
Arnie has always been a moody get and seems to make very bad decisions when moving clubs.
Other than stoke, his previous clubs tend to get better after he leaves so I genuinely don't care either way. Where does the 20% come from.