29 Dec 2018 17:42:28
The results for us today are not all bad, if we can win at Burnley then that will put us 7th which is the best of the rest, and that is what we've got to aim for.

1.) 30 Dec 2018
30 Dec 2018 14:32:50
Would be great but not a good start so far.

2.) 30 Dec 2018
30 Dec 2018 15:05:56
The positive I guess from the first half is we are not 4 or 5 down as it well could have been. Anderson has hardly touched the ball, same for Arnie and Snodgrass. Not sure if PĂ©rez is even on the pitch. Noble keeps coughing it up as does Ogbonna. Fabianski should have done better with the second. Hopefully Pelle can rev them up as this effort is a long way short of the last months efforts.