Review Of The Day 19th December 2018

20 Dec 2018 07:29:12
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1.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 01:52:00
Maybe Jack Wheelchair should follow the example set by Ginge who tore up his contract after being injured rather than be a drain on the club and it’s finances. I dare you!

2.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 07:03:50
Sadly that won’t happen, Weststand. Jack Welfare’s far too young to give up, yet.

You never know - this might be his last serious injury! 🐷🐷🐷✈️✈️✈️.

3.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 12:42:18
Lots of VERY JUSTIFIED feelings and comments about the JW signing, and hindsight so far is proving them all correct, and myself wrong.
I supported the decision to sign him on the basis that he had not had ANY ankle injuries in 3 years (which are the recurring problems he is famous for) and he had just had a full season fit, and would go through strict medicals. On this basis, and all costs accounted for over 3 years, he represented low risk for a player of his proven PL quality that would have worked very well under Pellegrini, is English, and has (while small) a connection with the club.

It is therefore worrying that this is his ankle problem again. And i completely agree with anyone commenting on how this was not picked up in the medical, this has to be looked at internally, because if there were any signs of issues with his ankles then it should have been cancelled. If the board and MP were given a clean bill of health then THEIR business decision was justified based on the low risk presented to them by the medical staff. A failure on the medical team's part.

I get the feeling that because we do not URGENTLY need him given the performances the squad are putting in, that the club are being VERY cautious with him, as no ACTUAL statement has been made on whether he is out for 4 weeks or the rest of the season (just paper talk) . Were we in trouble, I am sure he would have been thrown in and fingers crossed. He is 26 though and we do not need him right now (Esp if Nasri comes in) and cannot sell him if injured, so I hope they can get him fit again, because IMO he will do great under MP for a number of years if fit.

But, the medical staff have to be bang on with any decisions (as they do with Lanzini) to make sure the injury is gone completely before bringing them back! (this coming from someone who had 3 ACL reconstructions on their left knee in 6 years while in my 20s)

4.) 21 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018 19:06:53
The ankle he has most issues with is not the one injured now as I understand it. Before he came back for 5 minutes against Newcastle he had an operation on the ankle he has had on going issues with as I heard the pin or screw had come loose. It’s worrying that the other ankle is now an issue but maybe, fingers crossed, it is just a matter of him having come back and maybe he is moving differently and put extra pressure on it. Sometimes that can happen as unintentionally you can favour a leg over the other if you have had major issues. Sports scientists should be able to monitor it though and get him to adjust. Anyway just a theory. I was against us signing him but now he is our player do hope we can get something out of him.