04 Nov 2018 16:04:02
Can anyone explain to me why the challenge on Diagana just prior to Andersens goal wasn't a straight red? I know the tef did well to play the advantage but the tackle was appalling.

1.) 04 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 16:08:04
I swear hw didn't even gwt a yellow. Should havw played advantage then gone back to book him as it was a horrendous challange went straight through him.

2.) 04 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 16:17:12

3.) 04 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 17:24:05
He was booked for that challenge it was tarwskocki excuse my spelling but that's who it was.

4.) 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 09:47:14
Wasn't var available against Tottenham in the cup? Didn't even review the penalty what's the point in having it and not using it for big calls like that.

5.) 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 10:59:35
Should have been red, and because he got a yellow for it after the goal he got away with it as it cannot be changed after the ref has already taken action. Poor rule IMO
Couldnt watch the game on Sat but was so happy to hear Anderson have a good game, and just at the right time with all these "winnable" fixtures coming up. I thought Snodders and Obiang in CM would be our best partnership (after numerous games into the season, never thought it at the start), and Noble and Wilshere will have to work hard to displace either of them. Great to see Snodders' journey and i think he is a real West Ham player in that CM role. He has proven a lot of us wrong, myself included, as i thought he was average when he signed. He would be a crowd favourite for sure had he played CM like this from the start. We should really appreciate him and what he has done to get back into the WHU team. Most players would have either stuck around and got paid, or been transferred and got another signing on fee elsewhere. He is a model pro in that sense.

{Ed001's Note - actually the decision can be changed if the ref admits he made a mistake. All that a yellow means is that the player himself cannot appeal against it, whereas he could have if it was a straight red.}

6.) 05 Nov 2018
05 nov 2018 12:57:16
it's ok performing in c/ m against a very moderate burnley team but against bigger and far better teams snodgrass will be found out as far as i know he's never played there before correct me if i'm wrong hands up if i am but imo obiang and rice are our holding mids with wilshire when fit playing in a more advanced midfield role just behind anderson in a no10 role just a suggestion but i think diangana could play in an advanced midfield role instead of on the wing and i think anderson who was far better on saturday not playing on the wing as i don't think he is a winger and his position 100% is behind the front man in a no10 role but when lanzini is back anderson will be pushed out on the wing he very rarely takes on his man but in a no 10 role his link up and quick passing means he's far more dangerous there and both his goals were from this position and not cutting in off the wing and when lanzini s back play him in the more advanced midfield role just behind the no 10 just a suggestion that i think could work. coyi.

7.) 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 18:09:31
Thanks Ed, didn't know that. When has a referee ever admitted they made a mistake tho? Lol.

{Ed001's Note - well one of the lads on the Liverpool site is in the referee training program and he admitted to getting decisions wrong this weekend. However, I am sure they will soon train that kind of nonsense out of him and teach him how to make up some new rule interpretation to cover any future mistakes....}

8.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 14:50:10
Hahaha that's exactly it, even the live broadcast referee consultants on Sky or BT coverage always try to find an interpretation that backs the ref's decision. I agree Refs need protecting, and more authority and respect from players, but twisting interpretations to justify decisions is not the way. VAR simply HAS to come into the game, we missed out on a clear pen vs Burnley as a result.
IMHO there should have been 2 penalties in the Arsenal vs Liverpool game when keepers came out to crosses, missed the ball and clattered the opposition player who got his head to the ball first. Yes they got a head (or a shot) in so you could argue advantage, but if it doesn't go in then there is NO advantage. Anywhere else on the pitch if a player goes in for a challenge and misses the ball and gets the player its a foul, why is it not the case for keepers?