20 Oct 2018 20:13:49
Danny dier, Ray winstone, mark fowler, you boys have been turned over again by The Tottenham boys, I’ve celebrated with a good old pie and mash before I head off into London in the Subaru with a big Jamaican reefer and crowded house on the sounds system in always take lamela with you 😛.

1.) 20 Oct 2018
20 Oct 2018 22:26:11
Hope you get food poisoning from the food
Your car brakes down and yr reefer is crap.

2.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 00:15:36
Cmon raver you can come out with better than mark Fowler. he's fictional mate, but smoking that stuff is why you've got no intelligence or brain cells mate. even if you were having a giggle, I really don't think it's funny mate. that's why we have people with paranoia and mental health issues because of that rubbish you smoke. innocent people get killed through people who are paranoid and stab innocent citizens through smoking drugs so try and find that other brain cell you might have to have a giggle about boy. COYI.

3.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 16:11:31
ARP, I had a fantastic day, the Subaru runs smoother than a baby’s bottom, the pie and mash was fantastic even had it in the east end 😀 and the reefer was got me nice and chilled before I wrecked my liver in London’s west end last night and ended up in the Premier Inn this morning after a heavy session - And Lenny Henry has the cheek to say you get a good nights sleep in this hotel. As for Mark Fowler I met him a few years ago and was a lovely bloke and a West Ham fanatic, that’s why I mentioned him. he’s no different to Winstone and Dier who are poor actors in crap films.

4.) 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 00:17:24
Just promise to eat some lasagne for dinner :)