01 Oct 2018 13:04:48
I wonder if anyone knows the situation with Zabaletta? I understand he is currently in the last year of his contract, is there any interest in offering him a new deal? Personally I think it would be foolish to let him go but he may not want to stay any longer.

1.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 15:47:47
I get the feeling he's really enjoying his football with us - i'd love to see him stay for another season.

2.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 17:57:16
Agree WHever, i would wait until Xmas and then sign him on for a year. Top professional and ALWAYS puts in a shift. Proper Hammers style player, and Fredricks will take time and we will need reliable player like Zaba to compete for the role.

3.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 21:51:33
He will be a yard slower again next year obviously but I’d get him to coach FREDDERICKS on the art of being a R/ B as I think he’s got so much potential and was the best R/ B in the championship by a mile and Fulham were gutted when he left and Balbuena and Diop didn’t look great early in the season all he needs is confidence and I truly believe his best position could be right midfield like MASUAKU. COYI.

4.) 02 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 11:44:11
Every year I think his legs are going to go and yet every year he continues to impress, his endeavour and professionalism is that of a model footballer, he should be retained if possible just to have around the dressing room.

5.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 08:42:36
Hopefully he will have passed the batten on to Fredricks by the end of the year (he looks like a great prospect at RB) and Zaba will be playing support role if he signs on next year. But who knows with this guy, he keeps going and is a TOP pro, he will always push to be no.1 at RB and that can only be a good thing for Fredricks. Sign him.

6.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 09:22:25
I really like zaba top professional and seems to be a real genuine guy I would like to keep for a coaching role. I can only imagine he gives the lads a real morale boost in the dressing room, in fact Eds if you would be so kind to add him to the player profile list I would like to read that for sure! thanks.

{Ed001's Note - you already got me to add him mate. There is just one more to do, then he will be next.}

7.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 09:57:32
haha I think I ask for so many I forget who I have already requested! thanks mate.

8.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 10:03:47
That's ok, the more the merrier.