Review Of The Day 10th September 2018

10 Sep 2018 07:29:07
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 10th September 2018

1.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 11:03:52
Watched YARMOLENKO yesterday he looked dreadful he's very laboured and looks so unfit and disinterested in playing football his shoulders are drooped every time you look at him and seems as if he'd like to be elsewhere he heeds to improve his fitness and attitude as I think DORTMUND couldn't wait to get rid of him as he looks like a championship quality player worth about 2 million not the nearly 20 mill we paid and whoever decided he was for west ham must have gone on past reputation I'd rather have signed TRAORE from BORO I know it's after the Lord mayors show but come on . COYI.

{Ed002's Note - Should not be a shock. West Ham wasted vast amounts of money in the summer in some uninfomed attempt to placate the fans. It was never going to work. There will be some hard decisions to be made. Employing a 65 year old journeyman coach was dumb enough, but adding Mario Husillos to that turned it in to a disaster of the highest order. It is still hard to see where the first 3 points will come from before November and by that point the club need to be in survival mode hoping there are three sides worse than West Ham.}

2.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 11:51:45
Every word correct and totally agreed I don’t understand why everyone didn’t agree with that after the first game Brighton Ok they lost but showed exactly the tactics you need to play against Liverpool Avram Pellegrini couldn’t even grasp that this mans a con artist and WH have been duped get rid and be done with it. IRONMIKE.

{Ed002's Note - I also think sooner rather than later will give the club the best chance Mike.}

3.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 14:16:15
Next three fixtures tell the story unless he’s able to conjure a miracle I’m sticking to 7 and out. IRONMIKE.

4.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 15:55:36
Who would you like to see come in Mike if there was to be a change.

5.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 16:18:42
Who’s available? Who would want the job? DM or SA? Anyone else?

6.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 17:31:47
Got to be a proven fireman not a time for clever appointments. Or experiments we shall soon find out IRONMIKE.

7.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 14:54:22
Than who Mike? . I would like to think that some plan of action from the DGS is in the pipeline, if he goes after the 7 games I don't think we can afford to start searching for a Manager, if and when someone comes in they need to come in and hit the ground running, on the 8th game

Mike and Ed 002, in your opinion is they the slightest chance of Big Sam coming back to save the day so to speak?

{Ed002's Note - I would not rule it out but it will depend on whether or not Sullivan could live with the climb down.}

8.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 18:13:20
Humble pie or pride before the fall, I know which I’d rather,

9.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 18:14:03
Agreed to me it’s a possibility Better to climb down off a lofty perch than try to get promoted Again and that’s the choice keep cool let’s see how it plays out. IRONMIKE.

10.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 18:43:08
Blimey it’s all doom and gloom with you lot
Don’t get me wrong I agree that we could
of started better than we have but come on guys
let’s get behind the players because this is all
we have till at least January.
I can’t see a win coming from the next 3 games
but at least try to be positive
Some of the players that we bought look ok
And if we get behind them they may surprise
us, it can only get better!
And before anyone blasts me I’ve been to
both home games and watched both away
games this season.

11.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 18:45:50
Tick tock.

12.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 19:33:25
ARP it’s not all doom and gloom but if after nearly a 1/ 3 of the season has gone and we still have nil points then in all honesty it will be too late, I am hoping that we improve and kick in but there has has to be other contingencies in place .

13.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 19:54:44
No need to panick, we’re going to go on a winning streak, Yarmolenko will get a couple against Everton and one against Chelsea and Man Utd, we will finish 9th and win the FA cup.

14.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 21:42:59
It's got to be fireman Sam then mike😅😅😅😅.

15.) 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 21:40:46
Spot on Ed if husillos picked YARMOLENKO then he has to go because TRAORE is 23 and got his best years ahead of him he's a far better player than yarmolenko now and we would have gad a few mill in change as well for other players would you get rid now Ed because I would give him 2 more games max and if defeated then sack him I make you 100% right Ed regarding MP appointment he must have thought all his Christmases had come early when told sully wanted him and name your price you only pay that sort of wages to the likes of the top managers in the world he was well past his sell by date and for me I'd be happy if he went now.

16.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 15:44:08
We ‘re still stuck with the players no matter who we have as manager until January, so what are the options? Absolute shambles, I bet the bins have been full of brown envelopes from dodgy deals with management staff, it’s a pity they’re not paid more to discourage it!

17.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 12:42:09
Really, I'd hope not BFS at any costs. imagine how smug he would be, could not handle that!
Interesting reading a lot of articles on line, very different opinions mainly to here. Give it time, new players, gelling etc etc.
I have to say I'm on here less and less now as it's depressing me. we were screaming, got what we wanted, most of the time happy with the signings apart from LB and CDM and now everyone is doom and gloom again. Lots of 'we saw this coming' and 'terrible signings'.
We wanted a director of football - got one, general feeling was 'wow' with many of the signings and now saying 'told you so'. really? I don't think you did!
Sorry but that's my take on all this.

{Ed002's Note - I think I have been consistent with my views on the manager, the Director of Football and most of the players. If WHU get tothe point they need to be in serious recovery mode then SA would be idea. You may not like the football but he would stand the best chance of getting the club out of trouble and that is worth a great deal to the club and the players. It would be a season written off but would you prefer to be playing the same football Pellegrini is encouraging in the Championship for two or three years?}

18.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 20:45:41
Everyone was singing DGS and MP’s praises a few weeks ago, I said we hadn’t done enough and was shot down. People all now seem to think they were in the same boat as me but nobody was, everyone on here commented on how good a season we would have.
Essentially, if you were that positive a few weeks ago then what’s changed? I don’t think we’ve been as bad as people are making out.
Liverpool - admittedly we were poor.
Bournemouth - lacking confidence.
Arsenal - unlucky not to get at least a point.
Wolves - confidence was just clearly very low.

There have been glimpses that suggest we could be in for a decent season still. If arnie puts that chance away against wolves, it’s a different story.

If we can beat Everton, can’t see why not, then this could all be a distant memory come November. Think we all have to just stay positive and support the team. Once we get that first win I think we will see a completely different side, all coming down to a lack of confidence at the moment I think. Fresh start after the international break.

19.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 01:12:43
Interesting kaneob18, I haven’t been on here long but looked back at what I posted. Essentially said it was great we were spending money but why do we keep bringing in wide players instead of a CDM, defenders and a quality striker. Not sure you were alone in that case. I don’t take any joy in the fact I wasn’t celebrating the signings, in fact the complete opposite. I still believe that some players aren’t even as bad as some suggest and we can change a few things around the midfield to become more solid and it will provide an opportunity for better results. I think the defenders aren’t great but not as bad as some believe and it is more the fact they are being stretched out of position and under constant pressure due to the midfield frailties. But we will see I guess.

20.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 11:41:45
Agre totally SDL about the defenders mate I think they will turn out to be good when gaining confidence with a few wins.