06 Feb 2018 20:16:58
HI fellas YES its getting difficult now to establish 3 teams worse than us I think 38 points May well be enough Can we get another 11 yes I think we can THERE are only two important things at the bottom First is how many points you already have and second your form WBA need 18 points that's a big ask of course it's possible is it likely not for me HUDDERSFIELD I just don't see them getting 14 points the way there playing which leaves one space take your pick of the rest it's likely that this Saturdays game will tell the story IRONMIKE.

1.) 07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018 10:42:41
Totally agree.

Typically it's the teams that struggle to score goals since they can't win games and draws aren't enough.

Of those around us, that sounds most like Brighton (except when playing us) and Newcastle (although Slimani might change that) .

Am not convinced Lambert has enough about him to turn Stoke around either, plus Sako and Zaha being out for Palace is a big loss.

We're not the only side struggling so can take some heart.

Would love us to go get Song. When fit he was the best central mid I've seen us have in recent times, he's only 30 and was brilliant presence and ball retention. Would be a suitable short term fix for the loss of Obiang. Understand he fell into the category of causing "African Mayhem" though so guess it won't happen.