07 Jan 2018 16:07:02
Shrewsbury 0 West Ham Zombies 0 We have some youngsters who are clearly not good enough plus the regulars were dead on there feet, too many games played IRONMIKE.

1.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 16:29:40
Why do us fans who pay good money get treated to displays like that? Dead on their feet? What's the excuse for ayew and Hernandez. £36m between them and they were shocking. Kouyate and obiang are simply too inconsistent so time to get rid and defence is getting to old, sloppy and slow. Lots needs to be done.

2.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 16:43:09
Why not try Sead, or Samuelson. Get some creativity out there, oh well.

3.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 16:48:08
Ironmike I am interested who out of the youngsters do you think had a poor game today? perhaps I was watching a different game but I would argue they were better than the more experienced players today in what was a very tricky tie.

4.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 17:06:22
NO don’t misunderstand me, BUT I have Never thought that either Burke or Cullen, would make first team regulars, and if we leave this rubbish game apart I have seen nothing to change my mind they are nowhere near Declan Rice who is now established first team squad IRONMIKE.

5.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 17:13:53
Why didn’t Sakho play, or has he already been sold?

6.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 12:03:24
Hi Boleyn boy I'm sorry mate but MIKE is spot on CULLEN AND BURKE only did what they are paid enormous money for and all they did most of the times was past to a teammate nothing productive and if that's all you can do is pass to a teammate and no end product and don't forget no matter how you dressing up it was SHREWSBURY and while we got dragged down to trying (failed) to do what they do if you've got more about you you can rise above that and CULLEN i'm AFRAID hasn't and all Burke done was dive in stay on your feet and don't commit always by sliding in someone with more skill would have destroyed him I thought he did ok but come on your kidding yourself if you think CULLEN was good mate .

7.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 16:07:04
Martinez came on for 15 minutes and did not score or have a shot on target I would probably ship him out as well he is crap. LOL.

8.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 01:11:37
Whoever disagreed with me regarding CULLEN watch the game back alone did most of the time not always was pass to one of his own players you know what I'm sick to death of people saying that's his weak foot and weklplayed when they've only passed the ball square the money footballers are on they should be able to use both feet and you tell me how many killer passes or through balls CULLEN made NONE if you think he had a great game your deluded because the commentators said he played well people go along with it we were terrible the whole team bar RICE were awful I thought they were playing with a balloon not a football even MASUAKU was average I know we played three games in a week but a days rest should be fine unless your carrying a knock I think people get carried away with SHREWSBURY are good at the back but they were better all over that was one of the worst performances I've seen for years and if you think CULLEN played well then your standard of football isn't what is required mate I know it all about opinions but come on shocking.