04 Dec 2016 08:32:51
I think it showed from yesterday we need someone next to billic to inject the passion and have some fire about them and give them a kick up the a** when they need it, so I would keep billic as he is a great manager and he knows what he's doing but we need someone who's going to shout and tell them about the passion us west ham fans have and for that they need Di Canio in there he would get them all fired up before a game and not being funny but in lower leagues some teams use to or still have 2 first team managers so why can't we with billic the actual manager and Di Canio the one who gets them fired up so when they step foot on the pitch they know what each west ham expects of them and how much we all love this club and the passion we have for this club.
Also I've said before we need to get rid of Payet yeah he's a good player but his heart isn't in it for west ham anymore use that money we get from him and buy young hungry players who want to show what they can do like Fletcher, and I know I keep beating the same drum but go and get Pickford, Andre Gray and Will Hughes and I can guarantee you would see a difference and I also belive with Payet go lanzini would shine so much more he is a top quality player who got looked over last season due to how good payer was but I do believe you would see more and he would be so much better without Payet.

{Ed001's Note - would it make much difference changing the manager while you have those owners? This is the same pattern as at Birmingham City. Starts off well, then gradually deteriorates as their interference becomes more and more of a problem. Though a stronger manager would face them down, they will still be a major problem.}

1.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 09:00:32
Hit the nail on the head ed. If they remain we will never have a settled manager in control of his players. We need a pullis or benitez that will stand their ground and won't be afraid to get rid of players that don't have right attitude which majority of ours don't. Payet got to go. Swap him to Manchester United for carrick mata and Jones.

{Ed001's Note - I got crucified for saying last season I didn't like some signs I had seen from Payet. I just remember him losing the ball easily and throwing his hands up, rather than chasing back and trying to help and mentioned it on one of the sites. I can't remember which one now, and everyone was saying it was nothing. Yesterday, however, he showed that the lack of effort is normal for him. That lack of desire is why a player of such high quality was available to West Ham, rather than playing for a team in the Champions League.

Yesterday he was on the floor after a challenge, which he lost, and he just lay there complaining, rather than making any effort to help. Admittedly he is not the only one who is not pulling their weight. Ogbonna's lack of effort, after stupidly giving the ball away which led to a goal, was even more unforgivable for me. No defender should jog back initially after giving the ball away to a forward in the defensive third. The worst of it was that a sprint back from the start would have allowed him to have an effect on the play. Maybe they would have still scored, but to just jog back until your defensive partner sells himself with a silly attempt to make a challenge, was just simply lazy.

The first instinct of a defender should be to get goalside after losing the ball. There is always some leeway for errors, we all make those, but not for lack of effort. The very least a professional footballer should do is make 100% effort in every game for the fans.}

2.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 09:31:34
I totally agree some players don't seem to want to bother playing for west ham and that is shocking given the history we have and the players that we've been lucky enough to have grace are team so they should look at who has played before us and helped us get are history and everything and feel hounored when they play for west ham and have the passion we do as everyone keeps saying we are 2 good to go down but we were to good when we had Joe Cole Defoe Carrick di canio etc, so they need all to stop moaning about whatever going on and just get on the pitch and do the basics cause doing basics might not win you games but it will defiantly go a long way to putting us in the right direction.

3.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 12:20:30
The players are not interested! Is nobody out there listening to bilic?

4.) 05 Dec 2016
05 Dec 2016 11:12:40
You could tell when andy carroll score, payet wasn't happy because it wasn't his goal. rather than being pleased for the team.