23 Feb 2019 21:27:58
I don’t expect much away at City, but I’d like to see Lanzini in for Snodgrass. We might as well take the attack to them.

We can and should however, win all four of our games in March, which will push us closer to that seventh spot.

1.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 07:58:04
As long as we aren’t in a relegation battle, which we won’t be and don’t qualify for Europe in any way, I will be more than happy! I think European games knacker players, pick up minor or major injuries that affect Premiership form unless you have a really sizeable squad that can replicate each other when replaced like for like, then for me Euro football is an unwanted stamina and injury sapping competition! How long has “burn out” been cited as a factor to shortening form or injuries. If we can afford to waste as much money as we have paying astronomical wages to players that are simply non Premiership standard quality, we are not in need of any European earnings!

2.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 10:38:32
Ambition is a great thing, but we must not fall into the trap that Burnley did this season and qualify for the second rate European competition. Look what a disaster for them and the many clubs that preceded them over the years. That competition is a poison chalice and we must steer clear of it. A Premier league season wrecker in my opinion.

3.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 11:56:27
On the other hand chaps, am I right in saying by winning the Europa league you qualify for champions league, that could be our only way to get to play champions league football (as it's going to be difficult to get into the top four, ) therefore attracting quality players, but I completely understand what you're saying.

4.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 12:13:00
I understand the hesitation/ reluctance to be involved in Europe if the squad isn’t up to it, but we do need to have ambition moving forward.

With the apocalyptic clearout that is going to happen this summer, we could well be on the way to strength in depth with players MP has chosen (and we know that he assembles top squads) .

I also have real optimism about the rest of the season with our injured players returning.

Take a look at our March fixtures -

Newcastle (H)
Cardiff (A)
Huddersfield (H)
Everton (H)

I can’t see why we shouldn’t have a good shot at all 12 points, which would boost confidence for the trickier fixtures in April.

Happier days ahead. 😃.

5.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 20:14:59
I agree with Marko and think we should be bold and go for it.
In regards to Burnley I can’t help thinking their dreadful form had a lot to do with Dyche’s insistance on picking Joe Hart who I think is a terrible keeper. Since they have put Heaton back between the sticks they have won a lot of games and lots of clean sheets!

6.) 25 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019 13:09:45
Europa League is only negative for clubs who cannot assemble a decent LARGE squad, and with no disrespect to Burnley, they couldn't do this. Their league success that got them there was based upon a team with little rotation and injury and a GREAT first half to the season. Their decline started in February 2018, NOT once the Europa league games started in Late July. In summer they did not have funds, or the attraction, for better players to build a capable squad, and they suffered injuries in goal. In short, their poor from in the first half of this season mirrored their form in the second half of last season, it had nothing to do with Europa at all.
WHU are different, we have a bigger wage budget that COULD assemble a squad, providing the wage structure is managed well. And i believe we have a manager who will only show ambition to win things. He talks about a big club mentality, well that means winning whatever you can. If we get some luck, our INJURIES will not be half as bad next season and we will have a squad again.
With CL an option now via Europa i think it is attractive, it does help attract players, and we have a good crop in the U23s that could be given more opportunity.

7.) 26 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019 23:38:19
Everyone is entitled to an opinion and there is no right or wrong but for me I rather we qualify for Europa league and play in it than not. Doubt we would win it at this stage and it would be a distraction but so is the FA Cup and EFL Cup. If we want to move forward we need to be competing in these things.

Success leads to more success. Teams that play in the Europa league, while not Champions league status, do get noticed by players across Europe and would allow us to sign some players who might not join otherwise. Also players we do have will want to achieve things and playing in Europe is one of those things.

8.) 26 Feb 2019
26 Feb 2019 07:45:17
MP refers to the importance of a “big team” mentality.

Big teams play in Europe.

9.) 26 Feb 2019
26 Feb 2019 11:48:18
Yeah, I for one would love a crack at Europe. Can even blood some of the younger talent a lot more for the really easy games. Would be a great experience for them and indeed a carrot to help attract top talent.