31 Jan 2019 13:17:05
NOW it's watch and wait for WH fans. IF GUEYE leaves for PSG which is likely Everton May swoop and pay lump sum for BATMAN As chelsea tell Everton buy or forget it so nothing is cast in stone just yet. IRONMIKE I.

1.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 15:08:12
Gomez to Barcelona?

2.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 17:22:07
Gomez to anywhere except us Phil.

3.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 17:32:26
What flppin joke.

4.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 18:11:07
Leicester have pUlley off another master stroke by getting TIELEMANS after landing KANTE not too long which slipped through our fingers and how we haven't tried to get another midfielder is laughable I wonder if we were struggling at the bottom we would have I wonder. COYI.

5.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 18:33:23
It's a mockery and a joke. The entire window wasted again chasing a striker when clearly we have more needs in defence. Wtf is going on. And now we are after diouf from stoke piss take.

6.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 19:31:48
Let’s keep calm, we are unfortunately prone to injuries and are the only team who has not been able to field our strongest 11, should see the rest of the season to sort out who MP wants to keep and get rid of. This transfer window is always risky business as you overpay and panic. We are safe this year so let’s go and do our shopping in June and see who is available. COYI.